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For last week’s Sinful Sunday post Something beginning with … I mentioned how my journey here at Modesty Ablaze had sent me in many new directions and on many new exciting adventures.

And in fact I’m not ashamed to admit that I became almost addicted to embracing every new opportunity, and every new path, that Modesty led me on. Some that I would never ever have imagined, or some that had perhaps been a fantasy that I’d never thought I would dare to indulge.

And certainly one of the latter, was the unfolding evolution of Mistress Modesty into what I’d once perceived as a dark world of dungeons and damp cellars, leather and chains.

But I was intrigued, and entranced, by the thought of willing submissives, begging to be caged and beaten, blindfolded and gagged, presenting their naked and humbled bodies to the will and whim of a powerful Dominatrix.

Possibly it was the thoughts of having that power, that control, so unusual in my “normal, real” world.
Possibly it was the arousing thoughts of being worshipped and adored, without the expectation or need of reciprocation.
Perhaps it was a little of both those things.

But as my journey, and connections … and bookings … grew, it actually became more about the fun of the different experiences and different people involved.

And that is how it has continued over the years since. An overwhelming sense of fun and satisfaction with every new session … and every new sensation.

And hopefully it is an addiction that I can continue to enjoy for many years still to come.

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