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When I first began my Femdom sessions in earnest five years ago … goodness doesn’t time fly-by when one is having fun … I was initially surprised with the huge variety of “specific” requests I was receiving.

Some wanted only to worship my feet, some my bottom, some my pee.

Some wanted to receive my cane, some my floggers, some my strap-on, some my pee (lol !!!).

Some wanted just bare-handed over-the-knee spanking, some verbal humiliation, some face-slapping.

Some wanted to be locked in chastity, some to be locked in a cell, some to suspended upside-down … some to be human-furniture !!!

And despite my initial reservations about many of these, unusual for me at the time, activities … I soon began to enjoy, and feel absolutely empowered by, the one common-denominator in all of these requests.

And that was the absolute “release” and “surrender” that all of these gentlemen were craving for.

The fact that they could, for just a few hours at least, leave their normal world and normal situations behind, and surrender themselves completely. And the pleasure they so obviously feel in their surrender, gives me pleasure as well!!!

‘Surrender’ is this week’s topic at the wonderful Wicked Wednesday so just tap below to explore more!


Xxx- K

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Modest Surrenders #wickedwednesday

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