Modestly Bare at the Cliffs

I don’t think I’ve ever had so many emails immediately following one of my posts, as I have over the past two days since my “Holidays” post for Food For Thought . . . all asking about the “wheres and whens”. And asking for more!

And, of course, I always like to say “yes” whenever I’m asked for “more”!

So this photo is from summer 2015, during a long walk around the foot of the cliffs near our apartment on the island.

There are sure to be much more recent photos from the other participants at this week’s Sinful Sunday posts, to be viewed by clicking on the lips below.

Sinful Sunday

P.s. – I already have a post for the Cliff category at my Scavenger Hunt pages, but as that was at the top of a cliff, and this was at the bottom, I shall add this photo to my Exposé Vŭ pages.

Modesty Ablaze Expose Vu

Xxx – K

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Modestly Bare #sinfulsunday

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