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For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed sex. Not just the physical act itself, but all the mystique, eroticism, taboo, danger and excitement that even the very mention of the word itself brings to mind.

My intrigue and questioning … and then joyous abandonment … as I discovered for myself, the senses of touch and emotion, and power and release, just intensified as my own experiences and relationships grew and evolved.

And so the current themes of both “Gaze” at 4 Thoughts and “Closed Doors” at Wicked Wednesday, immediately made me think back to those first adventures and just how much has changed practically … and yet in my mind’s eye, hasn’t really changed at all.

Long before Modesty Ablaze, I was enjoying the explorations and sexciting adventures that my curiosity … and my wonderful lifestyle … allowed me to indulge in.

And the discovery that I actually really enjoyed “the gaze” of watching … and being watched … fuelled the exhibitionist streak within me even more. Because in every other aspect of “normal life” I considered myself to be shy and lacking in self-confidence. And yet here in the taboo and secret shadowy world of sex and sinfulness, I was embracing the explosions of every gazing, exhibitionist, opportunity I could.

And of course Modesty Ablaze gave me the perfect platform to indulge that exhibitionism through my photos and videos. 

So … those questions at 4 Thoughts ???

1) At the most basic level, how do you feel about watching sex, or being watched whilst having sex?

2) Would being watched make any difference to what you did, or how you did it?

3) Is there a difference between intentional and accidental watching; for example, being invited to watch someone have sex versus accidentally viewing someone who was having sex outdoors?

4) If you are into sex outdoors, what part does both intentional and accidental viewing play in that? And similarly, what do you think are the ethics around having sex outdoors with regard to potential accidental viewing?

And … my answers???

1) Yes, I love both the watching and the being watched.

2) Other than the fact that just knowing that others could be watching always enhances the passion and desire, it wouldn’t make any difference to the what’s or how’s of the occasion, because that will always be determined by the person(s) involved and the exact situation and circumstance at that moment in time.

3) Actually YES … being invited, or in a situation where everyone present is aware of, and fully consents, to the presence of others watching, or potentially watching, will always be for me far more arousing and fulfilling. Because it is that consensual nature of the situation that makes it fun … and exciting.

4) I must admit that sex-in-the-outdoors is not one of my major kinks … I much prefer the comfort and potential for a relaxing recovery and re-charging, before carrying-on where one has just left off. That’s not to say that I haven’t indulged, because there has been several, spur-of-the-moment occasions … but they were never my most enjoyable. So whilst I acknowledge the thrill and intensity of one of those heat-of-the-moment situations, I would never purposefully try to expose passers-by to our fun. Because … in my view it is completely unethical to cause upset or offence to people who may not share the same views, or interests … and that is something I believe should be true in everything we do, not just in the context of sex.

Some people prefer to keep their sexual preferences and desires private, and behind closed doors, and I think we should always respect those views completely and without question.

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