As I noted in a previous post, some of the rules and protocols that I used during Boot Camp with my husband, I decided to continue outside of Boot Camp. One rule that I’ve used regularly since Boot Camp is the no talking rule. At least once a week I designate a time frame when Thomas is not to speak unless I ask him a direct question. Sometimes it occurs on a weeknight after work and a few times I’ve used the rule all day on Saturday or Sunday. On days when talking is allowed, I’ve been working with him (code for training him) on only speaking when he has something of value to add that I want to hear. In other words, I don’t want him to insert his opinion when it’s not needed and I don’t want him to talk about things that annoy me or that I have no interest in. The training is going quite well!

I have to admit that it is fabulous to have him sit quietly next to me and only talk when I ask him a question. It is also enjoyable that I can order him to do something and he can not question me or add his own commentary. He just obeys without a word. I like that a lot!! In that past he has frequently told me that he feels owned by me. Well I can tell you that his obedience without comment gives me the feeling of ownership of him.

Recently, on one of the evenings in which the no talking rule was in effect, I was in the mood for sex. When I gave him permission to pleasure me, I also reminded him that he was not allowed to talk. The only words he was allowed to say were “please stop,” if he was about to have an orgasm. I also decided not to say much so he had to pay close attention to my body language and follow my lead on how to pleasure me. Eventually I ended up on top of him, riding him until I had an orgasm.  When I was done I told him how great it was and before he could respond, I told him again in a firm tone, that he was not allowed to talk. He was to remain silent until the morning. He was fully aroused but all he could do was lay silently next to me while I read in bed.

It was fun and exciting for me to tease his cock and use him for my pleasure without him being allowed to talk or orgasm. He was silent before, during, and after sex. This made him completely submissive and 100% focused on me and my pleasure. He existed as my sex toy to play with and use anyway I wanted. This parallels the concepts written about in the guest post a few weeks ago from Mistress Kym on objectification. In particular, her words “you own it, and use it as you desire or need,” resonated well with my experience.  

It was an exciting experience for both Thomas and I and one that I will most definitely do again!

-Mz Kaylee

No Talking Rule

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