My, My, My

By Mrs. BDenied

Things have been pretty quiet for a while, since my 2 guys have not been able to get down our way with all that is going on. So my husband went on a site he has not been on in a while, and we were contacted by a fellow. There was some back and forth between them before it was bought to my attention.  I took a look. He is local, so having to wait for business trips is not an issue. It was discussed and decided to give it a go. 

Of course, an inital meet and greet in  public place was arranged. The meeting went well. He was on time & very polite,  well dressed and not bad looking. My husband said he could tell by my face  I was not against meeting up in person.   Plans were made to meet the next day.

He arrived at our place at the agreed time.  I had put on a short black lace item and a black thong.  To start things off, I was sitting on the couch & invited him to do so.  He did seem a bit nervous, so I just sat next to him, talking quietly. Now I get to explore a new body and wanted to take my time. I put my hand on his shoulder and ran it softy down his upper arm.  His leges were kind of spread, so I inched closer & threw a leg over his left leg.  He must have liked it, because he took my other leg & put them across his lap.  I let them lay there, then lifted one leg a bit as a way to show off a shapely leg. He was now stroking my legs. He had a nice touch. 

I leaned over and snuggled against his neck, taking in the scent of his cologne. I said he smelled nice and he started talking about it..he was still a bit nervous.  He had to face me to speak, so I leaned in & softly kissed him. He said I have soft lips.  I backed off, he did not move away, so I kissed  bit harder.  He responded with more kisses, and tongue kisses. 

As we were kissing,  I ran my hand down to his groin and cupped his balls …”is that ok with you?”  “Oh, yes, you can keep doing that,”    In between kisses, I played seductively with his balls and found he was already  hard, so I played with his cock through his shorts. Stroking the length, soft pinched up and down the shaft. His now hard cock seemd to have him get over any  nervousnes.  The cock spoke! When he started to undo his shorts, I suggested we go into the bedroom. 

I let by lingerie drop to the floor as he undressed.  As soon as his shorts weere off there was a very nice looking hard cock facing me. Wonerful! He was shaved!  I knelt  down, and he got the idea…I took him in my mouth…slowly at first to get him nice and slick.  I went all the way down and held it for a second or 2…he moaned.  Back up while flicking my tongue along the shaft.  Then I went slowly all the way down, deep throated him. Back up, sucked hard on his head, then up and down back & forth. Down all the way, back up and suck, tongue in his hole, flicking the shaft.  I pulled it out, but placed the head on my closed lips and PUSHED the head in my mouth making it seem very tight, simuating entering a pussy.  OH! He moaned at that. Like he had a real tight pussy being entered for the first time. I could tell he was ready to  cum, so I backed off and just held him in my mouth, then stopped and stood up. 

During all of this, I wsa vaguely aware of my husband standing at the door watching. Unfortuntely, the guy’s back was to him so he could not see the blow job. and I did not want to stop & change positions afriad it would lose the moment. I just continued with what were doing as if we were alone. 

As I stood there, he started fingering my pussy, and clit. OH! His touch on my clit sent me into ecstasy.  I lay on the bed as he contiued to finger me…I was very wet and moaning at the feeling he was giving me.  

As I lay there, he then spread my legs and started kissing my pussy…oh that was good…tongue on my clit. I pushed against his tongue and thrust my hips up & down to press harder against his tongue.  Where was my husband? I did not care t this point!  I moaned and came.

He then got on the bed and let his cock enter my pussy.  Oh MY!  He was fucking & fucking. I moaned with plesaure & told him to fuck me hard. He did. By this time, I was across the bed.  He flipped me over & started to fuck me doggie style…good & hard until he came.

He stopped and lay down on the pillow. I lay beside him in the crux of his arm. Oh, that was good. I was a very well fucked woman. 

We talked & I mentioned it would be great to have a fuck buddy close by, and would  like to do this on a regular basis…what ever suited his schedule.  By this time Husband was in the room and we were talking about regular things..then he said he had to go. He got dressed & I hugged him goodbye and started to walk him out…kind of hoping a nosey neighbor would see. But it had started raining. I said I like to get wet, but said a goodbye and off he went.  

My, we had not been actively looking. He just kind of fell into our laps, so to speak.  He is a good find. 

He politely texted later how much he enjoyed it, and hoped it wouold continue.  Yes. Me too.  See you soon new guy. 

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