Introducing The Ultimate Live Anal Training Program

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“This is your chance to be anally trained one on one LIVE!

Betty BaBoom is ready to train you with her long distance anal plug that works with her phone.   She will train you to want to be anally plugged 24/7 so that you never know when she will fuck your ass with the vibrator at her control.  Your ass will be vibrated when and how she wants too, for as long as she wants to.  You could be eating dinner with your friends, you might be relaxing around watching tv.  Who knows when Betty will get the urge to fuck your ass.

Imagine a beautiful hot goddess like Betty that has you on a remote control 24/7.

Who is Betty BaBoom?

Betty is a lifestyle dom that is married and has her own husband trained on this very exact program.  When Betty is out and about shopping with her friends, or having a good time, and her husband is home alone, she can send him a gentle reminder to clean the house by simply pushing a few buttons on her phone sending the vibrations to her husbands ass.   Betty takes pleasure in ALWAYS having control and her husband wears his anal plug 24 hours per day except when going to the bathroom.  Just imagine Betty doing the same thing to you.   It turns her on.

Do you want to turn on Betty?

Of course you do.  That is why this is the best anal training program on the internet today.  You will crave her control as she buzzes you whenever she wants too.  Because you will never know when it is coming, you will want to have it in all the time making you the true anal slut that she wants you to be.

Choose from 2 different sizes


Custom Black Out Times

file yn3uKblDDlBetty also knows that because of your personal life, there may be times that it is impossible for you to wear the plug and therefore will allow you to blackout safe times when you do not have to wear the plug.  This allows you to conduct your life as you need to without the fear of being outed or embarrassed at times that may not be right.  The blackout periods can be entire days or specific times, or a combination of both.  Whatever you choose, Betty will blackout the days and times that you cannot wear the plug.  Of course she will be much happier with you and give you more bonuses and rewards the more you have your plug in.  Be a good anal slut and try and be light on your blackout times.  Although, Betty will respect your schedule as per your request.  Just remember to thank her for it.

Here are some examples of black out periods:

  • maybe work time is not the best time for you
  • maybe you don’t want your spouse to know what you are doing
  • maybe you are having an important meeting and cannot afford to blow it.

For whatever reason you might need, Betty understands that your limits must be respected.  You simply work that out on your consultation call with Betty for your blackout periods and she will respect that.  After all, she does want you to have the plug in as much out of the 24 hours a day as possible.  If you are worried about your wife, then work is the best place to have it in all day.  If you are worried about work, maybe it is when you are driving to and from work that is a safe zone.  It doesn’t matter, Betty will take care of you.

All that she asks in return is that you respect your blackout periods by wearing your plug at all times or at least as much as possible when you are not in your blackout period.  For a real good anal slut, you will work your way up to 24 hours per day, minus charging time for your toy.  When your plug is not in your ass, it should be on the charger so that you are always ready to fucked like the bitch you are.

This is going to be so much fun!

What anal training program would be complete if you did not have access to Betty through direct messaging through the app.  That’s right.  Text message Betty when you feel like it, and if you are good boy, you might hear back.  OR, you might have your ass vibrated.  Depends on how good of an anal slut you are being during your training period.

Here is how this program works:

You simply click on the order button below and setup your monthly anal training.  Your anal long distance toy and app are included, and will be shipped fast with discreet shipping.  Instructions come in the box in how to add Betty to your app, so that she can control your anal training from her location.  You will also be able to text Betty, and get two way conversations going.  Be careful not to exploit this.  Time is money, but certainly her time is worth your ass being fucked like the anal slut you are.

But there is a catch for this being this price.  She will only open this program up to a 30 people so that she can best work with you on a very deep personal level.

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Here is why you want custom anal training with Betty:

  • Real person, real PHYSICAL interaction.

  • You get your own personally programmed anal plug shipped to you.

  • Betty controls your plug by an internet app that is on her phone so that she can fuck your ass anytime no matter where she is.

  • You get to thank her by texting her every time she buzzes your ass.  Reward for those that don’t miss a thank you

  • Direct two way access to text messaging Betty

The catch?

Limited to 30 people in total.  Only a few spots left, and then the only way you can get in, is when someone cancels to open a spot up!

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