Last night, after Mistress had cum on my tongue and she had edged me, I was still rock hard as we kissed… 

Her fingers pulled at my left nipple then slid down to my aching cock, ready to tease it some more with the lightest of touches. I tensed as I felt her fingertips brushing gently against my cock and whispered into her ear.

“Please slap my balls Mistress.”

Mistress drew her hand back and slapped my balls hard, then again and again, each slap echoing around the room. She must have slapped me eight or ten times, and it felt amazing. 

I love it when Mistress hurts my balls like that, but I have to be really turned on to enjoy it. If my cock hadn’t been edged and throbbing it would have just hurt, but now it felt incredible… leaving my cock harder than ever and aching for release.

No release ensued, but then I’ve been allowed two orgasms and three ruins over the last two months, so I can’t really ‘complain’. :)

—- —- —-

I keep getting ideas for stories, but I’ve given up writing them down, given that I must have 20-30 ‘ideas’ written down already I can’t see the point in adding to the pile. I hope writing stories isn’t going to go the same way as playing my guitar, I hope not but it’s well over a year since my last piece and that was only a short one written after several months without any movement on that front.

I still check Literotica for comments and I still occasionally receive emails with feedback, usually people asking for sequels to their favourite stories. ‘Girls Talk’ is still the one most people want me to continue, but I wouldn’t even consider that until I was confident I could do it justice and that means having at least two or three recent stories in the bag.

Please Slap My Balls Mistress…

Dont be a cheap wimp go gold 3