Modesty Ablaze Pour Me A Glass Members Newsletter September 202

Yes my Pour Me A Glass Newsletter is rather late this month.

But if you are one of my Pour Me A Glass Members you will know from an email you should have received in mid-August, that I was going to be away on my favourite island vacation until the second week of September.

And … in fact … I actually recorded the accompanying Audio (see below) for this post whilst sat on my holiday balcony enjoying a lovely glass of rosé, (of course), on the last day of what was a truly magical break away from the hustle and bustle of London.

But the good news is that although this September posting is late, I do have lots and lots of photo and video fun to share over the coming weeks and months.
 And I hope you will enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed filming them.

But my first exclusive members video for the month is Part Two of my “Making Love on the Telephone” clip … which I simply had to post after receiving so many lovely emails asking for “more”.

Now, when I was recording the audio for this post on my balcony, I said that I hadn’t yet decided on the photos for September’s picture Gallery. I did say that I might include some first-view photos from our holiday … or instead use some different photos from my archives.

In the end I decided to go for the latter option as Hubby pointed out that August’s picture gallery had featured some naked-on-the-beach photos from last year’s holiday, so he suggested it would be better to have some content of a different nature. And, besides which, he hadn’t had the time to sort through the hundreds of new photos from this years trip (but don’t worry, I am insisting he just gets on with that and files them all promptly !!!)

As I have been away, and without wifi, for the best part of the month, I am not including a review of my most popular posts during August (as I simply haven’t had the time since my return to check). However you will be able to scroll through the “Recent Posts” list from the side-bar to the right and catch-up on any that you may have missed.

So … thank you so much again for spoiling me here and helping to top me up with a lovely glass of wine from time to time. And I hope you will all enjoy this month’s Members Videos, and Photo Gallery.

Do let me know your own suggestions, for new clips or photos you would like to see in the future. You can do that from the comments box at the foot of this post, or by emailing directly if you prefer.

If you are already a “Pour Me A Glass” Member, just log-in with your
New Password . . . >here< . . . or, if you are not a member, there is more information on how to subscribe from the link at the foot of each of my posts, or from >here<.

Bye for now !!!

P.s. – For over a year now, I have been reading this newsletter out aloud and I keep being asked to carry on reading . . . so, if you wish, you can listen to this month’s “Modcast” from the screen below . . .

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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Pour Me A Glass Members Newsletter – September 2020 #PMAGW

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