Rope Bondage Submission Part 3 Cover

It’s been lovely to have so many of you asking for the continuation of myRope Bondage Submission video from the beginning of the month.

So my mid-month upload for June carries on directly from where I fell back onto the bed and began to lose myself as the tight strands of my rope panties were pulled and pried apart to allow … well, you’ll just have to watch to see what happens as my lover begins to explore and tease!!!

Be prepared for lots of moans and giggles though because, as always with Lover 14, our play is always lots of fun … and always full of surprises!!!

So I hope you will all enjoy watching as much as I am obviously enjoying his “dominating” fun.

I would also like to say a special thank you to several new members who have joined my Pour Me A Glass pages this month, and especially to Gerald for his lovely, and much appreciated, gift tribute. And yes Gerald, I will put together a video of your interesting suggestions as soon as I can.

You can all of course, request custom ideas of your own from the confidential form on the Members page itself, or by email … or via the Members Telegram Channel if you wish … whichever is easiest and quickest for you.

And … for those of you who may not yet have subscribed to my Pour Me A Glass Members page … here is a little more information about #PMAG because …

As a monthly subscriber you will receive FREE-2-View access to my monthly Photo Galleries and most recent Exclusive Video Clips … PLUS all of my PMAG Members Videos over the past 12 months or so, and at least two new videos each month. These will often be First View films from some of my recent “Mistress Modesty” Femdom Sessions … or perhaps previously unreleased scenes from my MakeLoveNotPorn and Swingers fun archives … or possibly rather “personal” videos which are just “too candid” to post at any of my other Clips, or Fans, sites.

And … you can learn and view … new things you may not have known about me as I share some of my very different fetish interests and adventures.

And … I always love receiving personal requests from my Members, for Videos and Photos for a particular theme or fetish. My mantra is “I just love having fun” … and I am very broadminded, so you should never be afraid to ask. I won’t be offended if your desire is something I wouldn’t feel comfortable with, I would just simply say “that one’s not for me, but …”

Members can also request personalised messages and diary excerpts as I add them . . . before they are published in book form . . . and may also ask more specific questions about my experiences, past and present, which I will try to answer as quickly as I can.

And, for long-term subscribers, I also have a PMAG Members 1-to-1 text and photo chat option on my Members Telegram Channel.

And finally, (well nothing is ever final with me is it?), each month I select one lucky new subscriber … or, the most fun, imaginative, comment, or request each month … and then send that contributor a FREE month-long membership link to one of my other, Fans web-sites to which I post almost daily-updates of “catch- up” short preview clips and photo excerpts from my fun-archives (from all my fetishes and adventures) over the past decade.

And, of course as you may have gathered, I do rather love my wine . . . and the more glasses I have, the more fun we can all enjoy!!! 

So I hope you will all enjoy this first update for the month … and do send me some requests of your own as well, because … as I always say … the choice of what videos and photos I post on my Members Pages is completely up to you. Just send in your own requests and I will do my best to fulfill them. And also … don’t forget that I choose the most fun, or imaginative, comment or request each month and send that contributor a FREE month-long membership link to one of my other, “daily” Fans web-sites or a FREE Voucher Code for a video of your choice from my Clips Archives

So thank you all once again, for continuing to support me here at my Pour Me A Glass pages … I do hope you will all enjoy this month’s Members Videos, and Photo Gallery … and let me know your own suggestions, for new clips or photos you would like to see in the future from the comments box at the foot of THIS post, or by emailing directly if you prefer.

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Bye for now !!!

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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Pour Me More – June 2022 Members Update Video #PMAGW

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