Submissive Discipline


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Men Submissive Training MP3 for Submissive Discipline Training

The mp3 file has a woman tell you the below affirmations.  To download this complete series as one hypnotic mp3 file go here.


  1. You will learn to bend over to get spanked when I tell you too.
  2. When you do not perform your chores to my satisfaction, you will be punished.
  3. Punishments are mine to give, and you will thank me before and after.
  4. If you talk back to me you will be punished.
  5. If you displease me in any way you will be punished.
  6. I will punish you anytime I want even if you don’t deserve it, because you need to remember your place.
  7. When I say drop, this means bend over pants down now.
  8. If I am really displeased, I may spank you in front of my friends to further punish you.
  9. You deserve to be punished just because you are a man.
  10. You will always confess your wrong doings and take your punishment like a man.
  11. My punishments will be ruthless, but will correct your behaviour.
  12. You will be the best that you can be so you won’t be punished, but I reserve the right because I own you.
  13. There will be extremely humiliating punishments for extremely offensive acts.
  14. The punishment will fit the crime.  Be aware of your actions, or pay the price.


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5 reviews for Submissive Discipline


    This file is arousing but stern and a good reminder of the male’s place in a relationship and the importance of meeting the Female’s expectations.


    Sometimes you might feel like you want to rebel and this file will help you remember what happens when you disobey. Good file for anyone interested in submission and obedience.

  3. richard miller (verified owner)

    Very powerful, but again a bit short. A longer version might include more specifics.

  4. Royce Grey (verified owner)

    We all do the wrong thing from time to time or forget to do the right thing. And when you’re a sub, the consequences are . . . different. This file reinforces the relative position between the two participants when you are bad.

  5. Chastity Boy (verified owner)

    This file is a good reminder of the rules. And your place but I think it should played after other files.
    As it is a short file.

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