Gold Trigger For Men Combo Pack

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Gold is going to be a permanent trigger to setup your submissiveness.  Get ready to listen boy.

Hypnosis File Length: 26 Minutes and 19 Seconds

Day Trainer File Length: 12 Minutes and 14 Seconds

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2 reviews for Gold Trigger For Men Combo Pack


    I just found this file. Oh Goddess! I need gold! I crave Gold! Please shower me with Your precious gold! Gold! Gold! GOLD!!! So glad i have lifetime GOLD!


  2. subbie tom

    Goddess Lara is so very incredible in the way She makes me want to follow Her and do what She tells me to do. While i have always been submissive to Women, in this audio, She talks about how good my submission makes me feel, and the fact that exercising my submission, will make me even more submissive. Thanks to Goddess Lara, i cannot stop thinking about Women and gold, and about Her Golden Nectar.

    i love Her for the positive affect She is having on me, and for helping me to eagerly embrace my purpose to serve Her.

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