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You are a party favour for entertaining.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Your partner is going to throw parties, and your job will be to entertain the guests.  You will entertain the guests in the manner in which she sees fit.  Sometimes, this might not be what you want, but at the end of the day, who cares.  It is not your decision.  It is hers.  There are extreme parts in this hypnosis file including forced bisexuality.  Don’t listen to it, if you don’t want to be turned on and turned out.  But you want to be a good obedient submissive don’t you?  Of course you d33

Hypnosis File Length:  33 Minutes and 58 Seconds

Day Trainer File Length:  19 Minutes and 21 Seconds


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2 reviews for Party Favour Men Combo Pack

  1. stephanie

    Once again Mistress Lara delivers a wonderful recording!

    Mistress puts us men in our rightful place and on the right and only track of submission towards women.

    Be it naked or in a lovely maid’s uniform, only Mistress’ wishes matter and should be fulfilled at all times.

    So be a good girl, get on your knees and show your devotion to Mistress!


    Oh my Lara! I have never wanted to suck a cock more than I do now! Your voice just mesmerizes me. I simply cannot stop listening to this file. Combining this with my all consuming lust for licking your divine anus and I am utterly incapable of refusing you anything you ask of me. I am beyond horny, beyond self control, beyond dignity. This is too much for my weak mind to absorb. I look forward, with great fear, where you may lead me next. You are a true Goddess Lara. I am unworthy.
    – the bitch, stubbysix

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