Silky Smooth Sissy Day Trainer

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You are silky soft.  You are smooth.  You are my sissy.  You make me happy with your obedience.  You make me happy as my strapon enters you as my hands run over your silky smooth girly bum.  I smack your ass, as I take it.  You cannot be a prim and proper sissy unless you are groomed properly.  In this file I will increase your sissy desires, and make you smooth and silky.  You want to be the best sissy you can be don’t you?  Of course you do you slut.  Get listening.

Day Trainer File Length: 17 Minutes and 28 Seconds

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1 review for Silky Smooth Sissy Day Trainer

  1. misskerrysissy

    This was where it all started for me! The launching pad to new heights. I was truly catapulted into a space in my mind that made me desire to develop into the sissy i really need to be. To step into that reality! Lara, has an incredible talent. Her lovely voice, with its sound and rhythm is mesmerizing. It draws you in so soothingly and effortlessly.. Her cadence and tones captivated me. i simply fell deeply into Her words, Her voice. . ..and then was lifted up, like a bird, fixated as i allowed Her words to navigate and guided me to a, magical and peaceful place, landing, there in a warm and delicious altered state!. A place where i could finally become open and grounded. And,i found how i had become eager to follow Lara’s instructions on my grooming, and the training it takes to be able to find my proper place. For others, like me who wish and are seeking to begin their training, this is certainly the best first step!,..You will want to Follow Her instructions! i I highly recommend this file, as well as Her other sissy training files! . .As well as Her and other enticing files that are available. Thank You, Ma’am!

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