The Deep End Day Trainer

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It’s a hot day.  Why don’t you join me for a swim?  My pool is specially formulated for men just like you.  It will relax you.  It will take you deep into submission, and you will learn all about the deep end.  You will learn what the deep end is.  You will learn to love the deep end.  This erotic hypnosis file will tantalize you and make you think differently about swimming as I take turn you into my little fish.  This is going to be one of my most appreciated files, and a fan favourite for sure.  Why don’t you take a dip right now and come with me to the deep end of my pool?  This is the day trainer version suitable for listening while working, driving, or other daytime activities.

Hypnosis File Length: 19 Minutes and 54 Seconds

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1 review for The Deep End Day Trainer

  1. subbie tom

    Wow!!!! Incredible!!!! Goddess Lara has a wonderful way of relieving all the stresses of the despicable patriarchal world, and leading me to a relaxing, happy new life. She makes me feel so good and safe. She makes me feel so useful when i am a good boy, and inspires me to be good. i love Her, and will eagerly do anything She tells me to do. Her rules are my rules. i can never go deep enough for Her. i crave to go deeper and deeper for Her.

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