The hot water to get her all soft and ready was heated to just the right temp and I began by applying the wet warm cloth to her mons to soften the scraggly remains from last session.
Soon I had her all lathered up, and from a position on my knees I carefully  depilated her pubic area, and her pussy lips.  Of course I had to remove some excess lather with my fingers and could feel her clit grow hard.

Soon her pussy was hairless as the day it came into the world and I used the warm water and wash cloth to remove the excess lather.  I then began to kiss and nibble her until she began to squirt a gusher into my mouth and all over my face.  She grabbed me head and pulled me into tight while she screamed over and over until I thought the neighbors might call the police.  She quivered in a blissful orgasm for several minutes.  I was getting hard as a rock and soon she invited me to climb into bed with her.

I had not taken off my underwear yet and was lying on the bed while she briefly excused herself to get something.

She returned in short order and climbed into bed with me, immediately placing her hand over my underwear and directly onto my cock.  She then began to slowly tease me to hardness again keeping me right on the edge but not letting it go over.  I thought she was about to have me make a cummy mess in my pants but no she just took her time.

She kept this up for a while and I eventually got so close she just stopped.  We both hugged and snuggled for a bit and she again place her had back over my cock and just kept it there for a few minutes until my hardness subsided.  

We cuddled like this for a while with my cock occasionally stirring in my pants, I don’t remember how it came to be, but I do remember somehow being on the bed on my knees and she noticed that I was beginning to spring back to life.  I think (but my brain is a bit foggy from all the blood flow to the lower end) that I entertained a thought of fucking her and I think I was about to lower my shorts to free him from its captivity.  Then I remember her hand once again cupping me as my awakening cock strained against the thin fabric of my underwear.  She just loves to cup my balls and I must admit the feeling is one of intense pleasure and security.