As a kid I loved baseball and thought this post might be a good one to use a baseball metaphor to let you all know what is and has happened here in cuckold husband land.

It has been a long time since our last post, and not because we are not posting.  It is because there has been nothing to post about.  It has been so long since another man had his cock in my wife’s pussy or mouth there were just no new experiences to post about.

About two weeks ago she got a text from her #1 guy.  #1 because she met him first of the two she sees the most often.  They have become permanent FWB’s.  In any event used to be #1 would only get in touch on a spontaneous arrival.  She’d get a text.  “Arriving at airport X  at 9pm, cum pick me up,I have a huge load saved up for you.”  

Well nothing stays the same and she has been getting more advanced notice and sometimes it has worked but….She got this text as I said about two weeks ago asking her if May 1st was good and he would be in town.  “Yes, she said, looking forward to your big cock.”  He said he would confirm later.

Now for those of you who have no calendar May 1st was Saturday.  On Tuesday 4/27 sometime around 8-9PM she gets a “XXX Airport 7 am text.  Great its on.  Now the only issue is that he wants her to drive to the airport, pick her up, come to our place, fuck her and take him to another City where his business will conclude in a day and he will fly from that city.  Not much of a diver 20 minutes to the first airport and 40 minutes to the next city.  The issue is not driving to get him or take him to a different place, the issue is we only have one car now and 99.9% of the time it works.  If she needs it and I have someplace to go, I’ll give her the car and I’ll call one of those ride share companies and catch a ride.  This time though, I had a prior engagement and it was too far to catch a ride share.  No problem, I am easy.  The wife can take the car and Ill grab a rental.  I have so many rentals from all my travels I can use points to pick up a freebe.  I arrange the car but decide to pay instead cause I want the extra points for a future trip.  This will work out great.

I go on line, reserve the car and pay up front to get a good discount.  Ill pick up the car, the day before my event, and return it the following day after my event concludes and its a great excuse to not be home and give her the  freedom to fuck in our bed (on my side I should say) drink my beverages from my fridge and fuck the pussy I generally fuck. 

Then!!!!! Thursday early evening she gets a text basically telling her trip cancelled.  FUCK! We are both disappointed but I have time and cancel the car.  I get a refund too so no out of pocket loss, I just lose the rental points.

We are sound asleep and I am beginning to stir and hear her phone alert to an incoming text.  It is 5 minutes till 2 am. I nudge her, and say, “You got a text”  This is now early Saturday morning.  Sure enough its him and he says can you come get me at 7am same airport.  (Apparently things changed again.)  She texts back.  “NO, YOU CANCELED I MADE ALTERNATE PLANS.”  He texts back, “MY schedule changes all the time.”  He must be talking about the recent two times he has done the same thing.  Made plans with her two weeks in advance only to cancel at the last minute and one time not even telling her until she told him she was on her way to pick him up.  She got an “OH SHIT I FORGOT TO TELL YOU TRIP CANCELLED.”  She texted back ‘YOU FORGOT.” and I can confirm she was FUCKING PISSED. He has seen her once since then but that was quite some time ago.

This is now his third straight cancellation.  I call it a swing and Miss Strike three Your out.


Just like our hapless guy in the above GIF it was a swing and a miss.  I was more than pissed and I even offered her the opportunity to drive me up to the airport he was coming in, and I would try to get another car.  But it was 2am, and If we did that we’d never get any sleep.  I was also very horny and had not had any pussy or cum since the week before. I guess I was lucky that I even got that, since most times I get zero puss if we know he is going to be here.

What is worse There was a young lady in a very sexy one piece swim suit where I was and she happened to be standing only inches from where I was and her puss was at my eye level.  I looked sort of like this.  I swear that is enough pussy to make anyone almost cum in their pants. I just wanted to reach out and kiss it.


What I did get was very turned on and I had to go to the restroom to make an adjustment so people could not see how turned on I had gotten.

Yesterday we had a nice day in bed.  I got her pussy all nicely smooth, then used my oral skills to get her off.  Afterwards we more or less snuggled in bed and she fell asleep with her hand resting comfortably on my cock that was well contained by my underwear just like this.  I stayed turned on for the rest of the night


Before bed last night, she once again started to play with me through these minimal pair of underwear until I was leaking like a broken faucet. I had to keep them on when we went to bed. (usually sleep naked) but I was afraid I might cum in my sleep all over our clean sheets, so I wanted a bit of protection.

But before she played with me, we had an interruption!  He texted her and wanted to do face time on the computer.  So she went into the bedroom, closed the door and make sure he got off. I could hear some muffled moans but could not tell what they chatted about.  But I found out they both got off and she did say he had a lot of cum.  I think he called because he wanted to make sure that she was not pissed at him and he still had a chance.  Yes, she had calmed down and he will get another chance.  She says his dick is far too good.



Swing and Miss Steerike Three

The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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