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I found this fabulous article which is so true, we followed some of these steps years ago. the similarities are amazing.   How to find your wife a boyfriend   Whether you’re exploring an open relationship with your wife, you’re both polyamorous and looking for a partner for your wife, or you’re exploring a sexual […] a great article

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Social Features Disabled

Several social features have been disabled. private messages extended profiles member uploads member searches interest groups Between the added storage costs and more importantly, the added management required to review new members to prevent spam and inappropriate use of the features, continuing these features wasn’t appropriate. Some of these features could have been continued, but […] Social Features Disabled The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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Cuckolding & Parties

CUCKOLDING & Parties One of the keys to continued growth in the lifestyle   It has been a while since our last post on the website but thought this was a great time to share the experience we have had recently attending parties in the lifestyle and how this has helped us grow as a […] Cuckolding & Parties The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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Cuck Pride

I have a question? One that may of been answered in the past. But why don’t we have Cuck Pride, just like Gay Pride or other Prides, why isn’t there a cuck pride? Then it begs the question, how many of you would attend Cuck Pride if it started? Would it be just for Cuckolds? […] Cuck Pride The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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Contracts and ground rules

After being a member and a proud moderator here for as long as I have, I have always found I learn something new, whether its a different dynamic, or someones own personal Cuckolding experiences. But one conversation between a few of us here recently was about the need for ground rules and contracts within a […] Contracts and ground rules The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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