Unsolicited Messages

I was asked by multiple people today about messages received (and email notifications of it) that were meant to seem like they were sent by me. I would never send such messages. This wasn’t a lapse in security or any technical glitch, but a simple loophole I’ve now closed. That is all. Unsolicited Messages

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Suitable For Work Chat

Following several requests, I have made a chat available without the site interface around it. This means it’s much more suitable for work or even home environments where the elements of the site could be a deterrent to using the chat. NOTE: Pay fucking attention to the following or I’ll remove this option again if […] Suitable For Work Chat

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mischievous: all in

Commitment It’s now been a couple of months since I first took on coaching this pair toward a life together in cuckolding and I can’t say I’ve encountered a couple more successful in this amount of time. Now some 8+ weeks into their new roles, L has come to openly adore the authority owning R’s […] mischievous: all in

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