Introducing CORRECTION- Our FLR Soap Opera

I decided to teach the principles behind Loving Female Led Relationships in a new and exciting way. I have created a FLR SOAP OPERA called CORRECTION, an episodic fiction drama series that follows the lives of a group of friends as they fumble through relationships and plenty of life drama while still growing into [...]

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FLR Matchmaking Service For Men

Are you really ready for a Female Led Relationship? Join the FLR Matchmaking Service and take the guesswork out of dating by being matched with women who are ready to take the lead in your relationship! Join the FLR Matchmaking Service TODAY! If you appreciate this article please offer a donation to show your [...]

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How To Love a Powerful Woman – FLR Book For Men

If you are ready to learn how to love a Powerful Woman, then this book is for you. How To Love A Powerful Woman teaches men how to strengthen a relationship with a woman who knows what she wants, how to encourage their partners to take more of a leadership role and how to [...]

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We Are Moving Forward

It’s been a great run. I remember starting this blog 3 years ago because I was curious about learning what it was that made men crave and adore certain women. Hundreds of interviews and conversations later I now know the secret to creating a beautiful relationship where the woman is adored by a wonderful man+ [...]

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FLR Guidebook – She Wants – Digital Version Now Available

We are expanding and growing and we are now offering the DIGITAL VERSION of She Wants – FLR Guidebook For Women. If you can’t order a print copy or would rather have a visual representation then take advantage of INSTANT ACCESS to this ONLINE STUDY GUIDE right now!   The She Wants – ONLINE STUDY GUIDE includes:+ [...]

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UPDATE** Conquer Him Is Growing Up

Thank you to every one of you who takes the time to read the stories, questions and announcements posted to Conquer Him. I bet you won’t believe me when I tell you that there are now more than 1,000 subscribers to our email list! Even if no one will admit to it, there is a+ [...]

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Handsome and Fit at 72, Seeking A FLR

I know, I know, I know that 72 is really old. But I am quite attractive and many women would be proud to be seen with me. I retired and moved from the Midwest to Tucson 10 years ago to care for my then infant granddaughter. Of course she is a 10-year-old now, with a+ [...]

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How Much Money Do You Need For a FLR?

Dear Queenie, I have been reading your emails and I desire to be really led by a dominant Mistress in a FLR but I do not have the financial resources to put forth into a reasonable good will offering. Thus I feel that I am not living up to one of the requirements of the+ [...]

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Support For Women Being Dominated By Submissive Men

Yesterday I wrote about my realization that men who identify as submissive are too demanding. This realization hit me as I sifted through the responses from a survey I sent out about the fears men have about developing Female Led Relationships. So many men reported that their biggest fear was not meeting a woman who+ [...]

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Submissive Men Are Too Demanding

A few days ago I posted a link to a survey asking men about their biggest fear about developing a Female Led Relationship. As the submissions poured in my spirits sank and I felt awful. These anonymous submissions were very important in my quest for a better understanding of why it seems so difficult for+ [...]

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