Pour Me A Glass Members newsletter – July 2020 #PMAGW

I’m late, I’m late … I know I’m running very late … for my July Pour Me A Glass Members Newsletter and review of the past few weeks at my blog pages here at Modesty Ablaze. And one of the reasons I’m running behind with things, is that as the lock-down restrictions are being eased here in the UK, I’ve been receiving an avalanche of email enquiries and questions … especially over the past 2 weeks!!! I am quite excited myself that some “fun” things appear to be opening-up again … and hopefully that “fun” will lead to new content on my pages here soon. But in the meantime my first Members Video for July is especially for Jay who requested a “Strap-On” [...]

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Modest Floggers #KOTW

As I mentioned in my “Modest Surrenders” post recently, I receive a really wide range of requests for lots and lots of different kinks, for my London Dominatrix Mistressing sessions. But the first things I pack when preparing for a session … no matter what the specific theme of the request … are my floggers. Because, some initial impact-play and warming-up, is almost always the way I begin each session … whether with one of my regular subs, or a new attendee visiting for the first time. That’s because some gentle teasing and stimulation, normally beginning slowly across the back or bottom, is I find, the perfect way to break the ice and set the mood for what is to follow. Even if [...]

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A Modest Stairwell #sinfulsunday

Is there a word . . . or specific phrase . . . . if one has a kink for Stairwells ??? I ask because . . . and I don’t know why this is . . . but whenever I find myself climbing public stairs, I’m often overcome with a pressing need to take my clothes off without warning!!! Which on this occasion left Hubby rather annoyed as he’d neglected to have his camera with him, so had to resort to his aging phone. But I’m sure you will be able to find much better quality photos, andkinks, this weekend by clicking-on the Sinful Sunday lips below. Xxx – K The post A Modest Stairwell #sinfulsunday appeared first on Modesty Ablaze. [...]

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Modesty Ablaze “Stand To Attention – Pt.2 – The Entrée” #realworldsex film @makelovenotporn

Following my “Stand To Attention – Part 1” Real World Sex video with Lover 83 at my Make Love Not Porn pages recently, I received lots of questions asking what happened next? Well … I’m thrilled to say that “Part 2” … of my teasing, flicking, slapping … and gentle kicking fun … has just been released at my Make Love Not Porn profile.
 And, as I’m sure you can imagine if you have viewed “Part One”, his very obvious excitement continued to get me very aroused … and very excited too !!! 
So much so, that I just had to lie back on the dungeon bed, remove my leather basque and command him to worship my very, very wet and tingling … [...]

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Modest Surrenders #wickedwednesday

When I first began my Femdom sessions in earnest five years ago … goodness doesn’t time fly-by when one is having fun … I was initially surprised with the huge variety of “specific” requests I was receiving. Some wanted only to worship my feet, some my bottom, some my pee. Some wanted to receive my cane, some my floggers, some my strap-on, some my pee (lol !!!). Some wanted just bare-handed over-the-knee spanking, some verbal humiliation, some face-slapping. Some wanted to be locked in chastity, some to be locked in a cell, some to suspended upside-down … some to be human-furniture !!! And despite my initial reservations about many of these, unusual for me at the time, activities … I soon began to [...]

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Pour Me Another … June #PMAGW

After my “Hairdressing Issues” posting at the beginning of lock-down, I’ve received quite a number of messages asking for further updates.
 Well … my Waxing Salon is still closed of course … so I thought I would share a short clip of how things are at the end of June, for all you Pour Me Members.
 Now, this was supposed to be just a short video-update. But as often happens when I’m having a morning lie-in, I got a little bit carried away displaying my current status for the camera. So I just had to reach for my favourite toy for some “Me-Time” satisfaction . . . and it did go on for a little longer than it normally would when my Doxy wand [...]

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Shopping For Adult Toys Online

As we get older, the years ticking on in our marriages, and the need to keep things ‘spiced’ in the bedroom, we find new and exciting ways to be innovative. It may mean we step with one foot out of our comfort zone and try a new position, or just take the leap and completely immerse ourselves in the world we consider to be ‘dark’ and ‘erotic.’ Either way, you look at it, the ending is always the same, am I right? With a smile on our faces. You may laugh at yourselves if things didn’t go to plan or you weren’t as flexible as you once were (speaking from experience here, hilarious), you can find out what you both do and don’t [...]

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Modestly Quiet #sinfulsunday

Even though I still had to queue to get in, it was surprisingly quiet for my weekend shop this morning. Mind you … I was in the wine aisle at 10 a.m. … so probably far too early for sensible-shoppers!!! You will be able to see what other Sinful Shoppers have been up to this weekend by selecting the Sinful Sunday lips below. P.s. – I already have a post for the “Supermarket” category at my Scavenger Hunt pages, so I shall add this photo to my Exposé Vŭ pages instead. Xxx – K The post Modestly Quiet #sinfulsunday appeared first on Modesty Ablaze. Modestly Quiet #sinfulsunday The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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Modestly Multilingual #wickedwednesday

I’ve always admired friends and colleagues who are multi-lingual … and the way they can engage in conversation in a language other than their own.
 But I am happy to say that over the past decades of Modesty … and before …I have developed what I feel is quite a strong, and intuitive, grasp of that most enjoyable, and widely experienced, language of all … Body Language.
 And there are occasions, I’m sure you will agree, when body language canbe simply magical !!! This week’s theme of ‘Magic’ … at Wicked Wednesday and ‘Body Language’ at May’s new meme of 4 Thoughts or Fiction, will have much more comprehensive thoughts on both subjects I’m sure, so click below! Xxx- K The post Modestly [...]

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Pour Me Again … June #PMAGW

My first Members Bonus video for this month, follows on directly from Part One of my “Hoxton Hook” fun with Lover No.14. And, as you will see, it was becoming very intense indeed . . . I hope you will enjoy it from a more comfortable position than I found myself in. Lol !!! There is still more from that same playtime-fun session, so let me know from the comments box below, if you would like to see how No.14 continued! And don’t forget that I always love receiving your suggestions for next month’s Videos and Photos . . . so if you have a particular theme, or fetish, you’d like me to search my archives for, just let me know! If you [...]

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