Modest Grapes #Boobday Friday

If you have visited me here before you will know how much I love a glassof wine . . . or two or three !!! But I also love grapes, fresh from the vine. There’s just something so fresh,and fruity and, well . . . squeezable . . . about them isn’t there? And yes, [...]

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Modest Holiday Panty Rituals

I don’t actually wear Panties on holiday . . . in fact for most of my vacation,as you may have noticed . . . I don’t wear very much at all !!! But there is, quite surprisingly, a wonderful shop in the main town which always seems to have an amazing collection of, very very [...]

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Pour Me A Glass Members Update . . . mid-August

After all the very excitable messages I received in the first few days after myPour Me August Newsletter, I could hardly hold-back on uploading the “climax” to that fun now could I. So, I hope you will enjoy this little finale. I certainly enjoyed it at the time . . . and, of course, I [...]

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A Modest Examination #sinfulsunday

“Yes, I did have a lovely holiday . . . and no, I’m not happy to be back.In fact I’m quite unhappy actually. Unhappy and grumpy!” “So let’s see if you’re still looking so smug and pleased with yourself inan hour shall we ???” To see what lots of other Sinful people have been up [...]

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Modest Skin-care #Boobday Friday

“It looks messy” Hubby said as he pointed his camera.“Well it’s good for the skin!” I told him.“It still looks messy” he replied, as he clicked away. “It’s good for my collagens” I assured him, “I just have to rub it in.” “Oh God, it looks fantastic” he gulped. “Let me hang my camera somewhere,and [...]

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Modestly Summer #KOTW

I’m sure everyone loves summer . . . and from reading other posts at the current Kink of the Week page, I know I am not alone in enjoying that lovely feeling of sun on my naked skin. But for me it is this particular beach that symbolises summer. I immediately fell in love with [...]

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A Modest Smile at #F4TFriday #wickedwednesday

I recently used another photo from this evening on my Grecian Stairs No.7 post. But that photo was at the end of the evening on the way down my favourite, lucky, stairs . . . whilst this photo was from earlier . . . on my way up. And, as this week’s theme at Wicked [...]

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Top Tips on How to Meet Other Swingers

Having exciting and satisfying sex is one of the most important things in a person’s life. Not only does it help people feel better about themselves but also increases their chances of being successful in other areas of their life. Swingers seem to understand this perfectly and that’s why they lead such an interesting lifestyle. [...]

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A Modest Umbrella #sinfulsunday

Well you know just how much I love big one’s don’t you ??? But when the sun is at it’s hottest . . . as it was on this day . . . it really is important to keep popping into the shade every 15 minutes or so !!! I’m sure there will be lots [...]

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Modestly Burnt #Boobday Friday

On our first day on the beach, I came across this reminder of how important it is not to expose one-self too much . . . too quickly !!! Boobday is a body-positive meme where women share images of their bodies in order to show that there is beauty in all of us.  With confidence [...]

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