Modestly Reading #sinfulsunday

On such a wet and windy Sunday morning, I thought I’d just lounge and lose myself in the pages of my new book which arrived during the week. I’d so enjoyed the presentation by Kate Lister at Eroticon 17 that I’d immediately subscribed to her “The Curious History of Sex” Unbound page. After all, it is one of my specialty subjects . . . but as I’m sure you can imagine. . . I’m always keen to learn more!!! And you can learn more at Kate’s remarkable Whores of Yore pages or @WhoresofYore For many more Sinful Sunday indulgences, kiss the lips below !!! Xxx – K The post Modestly Reading #sinfulsunday appeared first on Modesty Ablaze. Modestly Reading #sinfulsunday

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Modest Letters of Love #F4T

The current theme at Food For Thought is “Love Letters” . . . Now, I’ve always enjoyed receiving flattery and gifts or presents . . . and still do. . . LOL !!! So I suppose it’s true to say that I am a “romantic” at heart. And although I don’t think I’ve ever specifically composed a “Love Letter” to Hubby, he’s often referred to my sharing with him the scribbled notes in my personal diary, as being the best letters of love and lust that he could ever have wished to receive. I’d begun noting coded entries in my diary when I began my earliest affair, just a few years into our marriage. Just short references to the when’s and where’s of [...]

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Pour Me Another … February #PMAGW

February is a short month . . . and I already know from my appointments book, that it’s going to be even busier than ever. So I thought I would quickly add a Pour Me A Glass Members Update today whilst I have some spare moments. And this post is especially for Kevin who requested “more holiday nakedness” !!! And although it’s not out on the beach Kevin, it’s still from my lovely holiday last summer . . . and it’s definitely “naked fun” . . . so hopefully you will enjoy!!! So, once again, thank you so much for spoiling me here, and helping me keep my glass full, and I really do hope you will enjoy all of this month’s new [...]

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Set your Modesty . . . Ablaze !!!

Be who you really . . . really . . . want to be. Be who you really . . . really . . . are !!! For more Sinful Sunday sinners,smack the lips below !!! Xxx – K The post Set your Modesty . . . Ablaze !!! appeared first on Modesty Ablaze. Set your Modesty . . . Ablaze !!!

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Modestly Cupped #KOTW

I know I’ve mentioned here many times before that there is only one gentleman whom I will switch for . . . Lover No. 14. And even then . . . only if I’m in the mood . . . and usually only for some of his lovely rope-work fun. But for one of our meetings he brought along some plastic “suction cuppers” in his toy bag. And I must admit that we had such fun with them that I’ve added them to my own sessioning implements, as they do leave such lovely marks! But . . . as I said . . . I only switch for one gentleman. So if you request them during a session be warned . . . [...]

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Couples that Play Together – Stay Together

Besides emotional intimacy and mental intimacy, physical intimacy is an extremely important pillar of any worthwhile and healthy relationship. The bond shared between two people as they offer their bodies to each other is completely unmatched. Most couples delight in being able to shed their calculated masks necessary for daily life and enjoy some raw, carnal pleasure in the bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter). One way couples can further increase their amount of sexual intimacy is by bringing sex toys into the fray and exploiting everything they have to offer. If you aren’t aware of these benefits, don’t worry! I’ll go over some of the most pertinent ones right here, right now. A Focus On Sexual PleasureAccording to sex therapist and [...]

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Pour Me A Glass Members newsletter – February 2020 #PMAGW

Well, I don’t know about you, but the first few weeks of the year just flew-by for me . . . and it’s time already for a review of some of my January fun. And to tell you about my new, exclusive, Pour Me A Glass Members first video and photo-gallery for February. Now it’s always lovely to receive nice comments about the videos and photos on my Members page . . . but I must say I’ve never had so many wonderful, and gushing comments before, as I received about January’s “Wet & Noisy with Lover 19”. I’m so glad you all enjoyed it . . . and, yes of course I’m delighted to post Part Two of that amazing evening, as [...]

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Happy – #realworldsex – Sixty Cindy @makelovenotporn

One’s life should, of course, always be in one’s own hands.But along the way there are events . . . people . . . who inspire, embolden, empower . . . reaffirm . . . our journey. Cindy Gallop @makelovenotporn is one of those people. And yes Cindy – #sayyourage – “The older we get, the better life gets” !!! Cindy’s inspirational presentation at the TED conference in 2009, had me hanging-on, AND agreeing with, every word. I know just how much difference embracing my sexuality, and sharing every desire, every feeling and every fantasy with my husband has changed, and enhanced, our lives together. And I also know how (even before I’d discovered Cindy’s words and ideas) that I’d often wished that [...]

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Modest #wickedwednesday’s Past

Modesty Ablaze – Hot tub – 1988 I’ve never been very good at numbers, and as some of you may have noticed,I got my numbering wrong again for last Wednesday’s Wicked posting.It wasn’t the 400th edition of Marie’s Wicked Wednesday then at all, it was the 399th!!! But I’m sure I have done my adding-up correctly now, which means it really is the 400th edition this week. Now 400 editions is a massive landmark in any genre, but in the context of the Sex Blogging Community it is even more so. And Marie’s website will always hold a very special place in my heart, as her’s was one of the very first websites I discovered when I began my own tentative steps into [...]

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