Enjoy part 2 of this erotic fiction

Becca generously lubed the ball of the ass hook before walking behind him and inserting it in Adam’s ass.  She placed the ball against his ass then gently pulled up enough for it to pop inside.  Adam let out a cute grunt when it landed in place causing her to giggle.  As she began pulling up Adam’s head tried to turn.  She pulled up on the rope enough to get Adam up on his toes then leaned in to whisper in his ear.

“Don’t try to turn around…just relax and enjoy being my sex toy for the evening.” She then eased up on the rope letting him be almost flat footed on the floor once again.

Becca’s 3” heels made it easy for her to reach up to thread each end of the rope through pulleys she had attached to the eyelets across the top beam.  Becca instructed Adam to place his arms up in a “V” then carefully pulled each side of the rope through until the ends were hanging just above his arms.  Trying to get the right amount of tension on each arm was key because of what she had planned next.  She pulled and adjusted each side of the rope until the ropes were just taut which had Adam arms just past parallel with above his shoulders and his heels barely touching the floor.

Becca stood there for a minute admiring her work before walking over to pick up the humbler the walked back to Adam placing it on the floor.  She leaned up against his back and whispered in his ear.

“Let’s play a game.  If you get it right I will leave you just like this.  However, if you get it wrong I get to add another layer of fun.”

Becca paused for a second as she traced a finger out each of Adam’s arms to his wrists and pushing down lifting him up on his toes.

“Guess what happens when your arms get tired, my knight?”  She paused with an ear against his body listening to his heart race and smiled.

Adam had been standing there with trying to let his mind grasp what was happening.  Feeling the cold round ball slide in his ass followed by the coolness of metal resting against his back he thought he knew what Becca had bought.  When he felt gentle pressure urging him up on his toes it truly sank in that she had impaled him with an anal hook.  His unlocked cock twitched at the thought.  As Becca directed him where to put his arms and felt the rope being ran through the cuffs on his wrist and adjusted so his heels were off the floor a horrible thought raced through his mind.  When his arms got tired and begin to droop the hook would pull him further off the floor. He had no idea what was about to happen next when Becca spoke to him.

“When my arms get tired, I will dance around like a puppet for my Princess.”

“Oh, no!  You almost guessed correctly but since you didn’t, I get to add another layer of fun.”

Becca released the pressure she had been applying to Adam’s arms letting him go back to the beginning position then dug her nails in his flesh scratching down his outstretched arms over his shoulders and down his back.  She placed her feet between his then gently began pushing his feet apart causing Adam to squirm to keep his arms at the right level to keep from pulling up on the hook.  She bent over, taking a second to bite both of his ass cheeks, then used the rope she had already tied off to the rack on each side to secure his ankles in the place so he couldn’t close his legs any further.

Adam had started working out again but he knew his arms would tire out quickly.  When Becca slid his feet apart after he didn’t answer her question correctly and secured them in place, he panicked just a bit but took a few deep breaths to calm himself.  As he completed the last calming breath.

“Round two.  Guess what happens when your legs get tired?”

Adam was completely lost but blurted out an answer.

“I’ll try to stand up causing my arms to move around more….” he said almost as if asking a question.

“Well, you are close but not right…so I get to add another layer of fun” Becca replied.

Becca grabbed the humbler from the floor, opened it to the width she knew she would need to get Adam’s balls through, then reached between his legs grabbing his balls trapping them in the humbler.  It was in the perfect position just below the crease of his ass cheeks with his balls beautifully exposed. What she was about to next had her smiling.

Becca walked over to the edge of the rack and selected two lengths of rope.  The humbler came with ankle restraints with an eyelet on each side to connect ankles to humbler; however, tonight Becca was running rope from each eyelet down to the ankle restraints.  She left just enough tension in the rope so Adam really didn’t notice until she tugged down causing him to gasp audibly.  She laughed loudly!

Adam’s arms were already aching. He was trying to focus on what was happening to him all the while letting the voice in his head tell him to be strong.  When he felt Becca reach between his legs and pull his balls behind him quickly followed by the hard touch of wood, he knew she was putting on the humbler.  He had bought it for her over a year ago and she had used it a couple of times before it quickly fell out of use until now.  When he felt the tug downward he gasped loudly then heard his wonderful wife laugh out loud.

Mentally, he was trying to picture what had happened to him: legs spread enough for the humbler to be attached to his balls with something attaching them to his ankles, some type of hook inserted in his ass with rope running up his back into some type of hooks then attached to each arm with just enough tension to keep his ankles just off of the floor.  He laughed then grunted when he decided to let his arms drop to experience the full effects of his confinement.  As his arms dropped ever so slightly the hook in his ass pulled him upwards which put tension on the humbler pulling down on his balls.  He quickly moved his arms back up so his ankles settled just above the floor.

Becca had moved to the front of the rack and was standing there admiring her work.  She could see Adam was processing what had happened to him by the varying looks crossing his face as he moved around ever so slightly.  When she saw him intentionally begin lowering his arms she smiled as he tested the limits of what he could endure.  When he settled back into the position of least tension it was time to move to the next stage of the evening.  She walked up to him, took his rock hard cock in one hand, leaned down and took him in her mouth for a few seconds, pausing to savor his scent…the salty sweet taste of pre-cum…when she felt him twitch she immediately stopped.

“Keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them.”

Becca reached up and removed the blindfold then stepped back to ensure Adam could see her then gave him the okay to open his eyes.  His reaction was more than she expected.  His cock erupted.

Adam settled back to his starting position and was patiently waiting for what was next.  When he felt Becca’s touch, and he knew it well, he inhaled deeply and shuddered just a bit causing his arms to twitch creating the chain reaction of upward pressure from the hook and downward pressure from the humbler.  When he felt the warmth of Becca’s mouth swallowing his cock, his arms dropped further than he wanted intensifying the conundrum.  It took him a second to focus enough to raise his arms to release all the tension while fighting back the tingling in his groin of a potential orgasm. Thankfully, Becca sensed what was happening and popped the cock out of her mouth.

He took a few deep centering breaths as Becca ordered him to keep his eyes closed.  He complied and clenched his eyelids tight as the blindfold disappeared.  When she told him to open his eyes, taking in Becca’s glorious beauty all clad in red was more than he could take.  He dropped his arms creating a chain reaction of pulling upwards and downwards with pressure on his prostate there was no stopping the spasms creating the orgasm that betrayed him.  His cock pulsed two or three times sending cum shooting toward Becca.

Adam’s Wild eyes looked made contact with Becca’s glistening gleeful eyes:

“Silly boy, you weren’t supposed to do that!  We are just getting started.  I guess you will just to have stand there and watch me even the tally!”

Becca walked out of view.  Adam could hear something sliding across the floor then saw an oversized bean bag come into view.  After getting the bean bag into the exact spot she wanted, she walked out of view again before returning with two cordless Hitachi vibrators, one with a cock sleeve attached.  She tossed the second Hitachi on the bean bag the reached just behind Adam to retrieve a stand in which she placed the Hitachi before sliding the cock sleeve over Adam’s semi soft cock.

“I bet you are glad I gave you a Viagra…or maybe not….either way, I am going to have fun watching you squirm and dance later.  Right now, you are going to watch me have a FEW orgasms.  Enjoy!!!”

Stay tuned for the Part 3

The New Play Space, part 2