The other day I posted a video called ‘You Know What I Want’ or something like that.. which I notice a lot of people have clicked on (can’t imagine why). It was made by a studio called ‘Female Worship’ and it seems they have quite a lot of videos available on PornHub. They are all pretty much the same formula to be honest, guys worshipping their wife’s/girlfriend’s pussy and/or ass – what’s not to like, right? Obviously some are better than others, depending on the actors involved and I’ve linked about fifteen of them on my video page, but I thought this one in particular deserved to be shared more widely.

The premise is simple, the guy comes to tell his sleeping girlfriend that he’s going to the gym, she says ‘not until you’ve taken care of me you’re not’, pulls her pants off and has him eat her pussy until she’s satisfied and then kisses him and tells him he can go to the gym now. Oh and can you make me a coffee when you get back. (Sorry, spoiler alert!)

Simple and brilliant. It’s not ‘Femdom’ as the wider public would think of it, and it’s not remotely scary to females who might be put off by some of the videos I’ve linked to, in fact I can’t think of a better way to introduce a partner to a more female-focused relationship. I wish I’d had a video like this years ago when I wanted to introduce Mistress R to Femdom and chastity. It wouldn’t have been a magic bullet, but for the absolute beginner it’s a great start.

The other thing that I really like about these videos is how ‘real’ they look. If you’ve ever seen ‘proper’ porn where there’s a guy (or a girl) giving head, it invariably looks fake as all hell. Mainly because the actors are trying to give the camera an ‘in’, so they end up holding their head far too far away and tickling the receivers clit with the tip of their tongue. Let me tell you, I’ve had quite a lot of practice in this area and I’m told I’m reasonably proficient, and that definitely isn’t the way to do it. So if you think it is, think again. Watch this video and learn…

Again, like I said before, this video exemplifies what those women on that show ‘Mums Make Porn’ were aiming for, it’s totally non-threatening, non-abusive, loving, not to mention hot as fuck. Can you imagine a better conversation starter for the wannabe submissive male?

Sure, it’s a big leap from this to where you might want to end up, but it might turn a light bulb on in someone’s head and lead to some interesting questions, I would imagine a vanilla woman seeing this would probably laugh and say ‘as if” which gives you the perfect opportunity to put her straight. And actually, even though Mistress R controls my orgasms and dominates me, I’ve been asking her to take ‘advantage of me’ like this for years and it still hasn’t really happened, which is a pity. The closest we’ve got is when she’s teasing me and she asks me if I’d be prepared to drop whatever I was doing to ‘satisfy her’ at a moment’s notice… and the answer is always the same – yes!

So never mind the newbies, maybe I should be showing this video to my Mistress instead! :)
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