Mistress Ayn ChastityInstallment # 30 – Mistress Ayn: The “Steven Spielberg of FemDom”

As many know, Steven Spielberg is one of the world’s premier movie directors.  My observations of, and experiences with, Mistress Ayn convince me that Mistress Ayn is the “Steven Spielberg of FemDom.”

Session after session, weekend after weekend, Mistress Ayn orchestrates as a skilled director established Mistresses and Goddesses, as well as newcomer Mistresses, switches and slaves.  Actors accept Her direction, follow Her lead, and gracefully fit into their roles as participants in Mistress Ayn’s production.  She seems to know how to get the most out of each actor, when to move aside and allow a seasoned Mistress to take charge, or when to step in with guidance or inspiration for other actors during the session or weekend.

The plot is crucial in telling the story and making a powerful production.  Over many weekends of my slave training at the FemDom Mansion and a few extended sessions at the Atlanta Dungeon, Mistress Ayn introduced various, and often unexpected, twists and turns to the plot but always with a clear objective – create a better slave to please all Mistresses.

Mistress Ayn knows when and how to use a location for Her production.  She uses a local nail or Brazilian wax salon to humiliate me as a slave-in-training, or has Mistresses take me to a mall to buy bling and clothing for a drag scene later at the Mansion.  She is very creative in getting the most out of locations at the FemDom Mansion.  The outdoor patio is the perfect space for my humiliating showers.  The dining room is a wonderful place for further embarrassment as Mistress’s sissy maid servant.  And, the downstairs dungeon is a natural location for Mistresses to indulge in Their personal fantasies with a willing slaveboy to serve Them.

Audiences often overlook the artistic aspects that make a good movie.  Mistress Ayn is aware of how to utilize hair, makeup, and costuming.  On more than one occasion Mistress Ayn, or Her co-producers (other Mistresses), dressed me up for a burlesque performance or for humiliation as a sissy maid servant.  i was stunning as Mistress Ayn’s bride in O/our collaring ceremony, adorned in lace and leather.

As an excellent director, Mistress Ayn knows how to improve my dialogue in a session – “Yes, Mistress,” “Thank You, Mistress,” and “Whatever pleases You, Mistress.”  She also knows when words are not needed and has effectively stopped (almost) my sassing during my stay the FemDom Mansion.

Like Spielberg, an outstanding director of a good film (or session) requires planning, control, motivation, and securing trust from Her actors.  Mistress Ayn artfully constructs a scenario that accentuates Her pleasure and the sub’s training.  She knows who to include in a session, how to build the session, what tools or implements to have available, and when to reinforce training with pain or when to insert pleasure.

Mistress Ayn is the quintessential Hollywood movie director.

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