checklist 1919292 640Installment #25 – My morning routine as Mistress Ayn’s slaveboy – by slave boy jaime

After more than a year in indefinite chastity as Mistress Ayn’s slaveboy, my morning routine was become quite comfortable for me, well, as comfortable as it can be.

i awake and reach down to feel Mistress Ayn’s chastity cage. She controls me especially through my cock and balls and it is a good reminder to me of what is truly important in my life.  Since it usually has been weeks since my last orgasm, i am frustrated and start to tease my nipples.  As i get more awake and aroused i can feel my cock starting to get longer and harder.  Quickly the pleasurable sensation is replaced with the frustration of realizing that my cock cannot get erect, barely half erect, while in the chastity cage.  This reminds me how i treasure feeling controlled and restricted by Mistress Ayn.  It is Her cock and She decides if it gets out of the cage – which is rare since She relishes my indefinite chastity.  When i cannot take any more frustration, i get out of bed and face the day knowing physically, as well as mentally, that i am Mistress Ayn’s chastity-caged slaveboy.

Each morning Mistress Ayn orders me to perform maintenance on Her chastity cage.  i remove the cage with the key She permits me to have to thoroughly wash the cage.  i shower and pay special attention to clean Mistress Ayn’s controlled genitals.  Then, without any thought of disobeying my Mistress, i never touch Her cock or balls when out of the chastity cage and immediately replace the chastity cage on Her cock and balls and lock it up.

Before i dress, i am required to check the nipple piercings Mistress Ayn compelled me to receive to make sure that the caps are securely on the ends of the pink posts.  i also make sure the piercings are sanitized.

When getting dressed i select the sexiest panties from my wardrobe to make sure that Mistress Ayn’s sissy slaveboy is properly adorned.  i love my assortment of pink panties, G-string pouched panties and other frilly underwear.

i am off to work or some other task wearing my panties, feeling my nipple piercings through my shirt, and the secure and tight chastity cage around Her cock and balls.

This is my new life and i am loving it.  Every day i am reminded that i am Mistress Ayn’s chastity-caged, sissy slaveboy.

Mistress Ayn has customized chastity programs for the short term fetishist to the serious chastity submissive.


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