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Heard from one Buddy a month ago there was a possibility he’d be in town on 2 days. Does not always happen, sometimes one ends up not panning out.  But catch as catch can! I’ll take it when I can get it!  He was in  town at the beginning of the month, and sure enough, 2 weeks later he was back. Very nice…ocean front hotel to boot! Sweet.

This hotel only has a small area to park and for customers only, or street parking. My Buddy worries about me, so I texted him 2 days prior that there is  a parking garage, so not to worry. However,  turned out the garage is for residents only. I went into the hotel & asked if I could park in the small lot. There were 3 men at the said, Oh, Yes, you can park in the customer lot, Mr. Smith (made up name) already called down and asked about it.   HAHAHA…funny thing, I know I have been told his last name, but honestly forgot what it was!  One of my fantasies is fucking a hot guy & not knowing his name, so I probably subconsciously purposely forgot his name.   So now I know.  and the 3 guys at the counter had that shit eating grim knowing SOMEONE was about to get laid.

When the elevator door opened on his floor, he was in the elevator on his way down to escort me up. He will do that, come out to my car and take me out to my car. Such a gentleman.  I know this, but went on up anyway because I did not want to wait! ;)

It started  out by me saying, “Why thank you, Mr. Smith for calling down about the parking”  WHAT?  Yes, they told me you called down, and I got to park for free because of it!  He was glad I did not have to pay, he worries about that, too. Such a gentleman.  How can such a gentleman be so passionate in bed?

Clothes off.   I took his raging hard cock in my hand and played with it for a few seconds  making sure to say it is such a BIG cock…then I knelt down on my knees with his cock between my hands kneeling before the “cock God”..  I took it in my mouth slowly…until it was way deep…oh, the groan of delight marveling I can take his entire big cock in my mouth.   Back out, slowly..back in slowly…now flicking my tongue up and down the shaft.   Grabbed hold of his cock while I sucked the top portion, flicking my tongue around the top and down the hole. I worked on sucking, licking, grabbing as he stood there leaning back moaning his ecstasy.  I ran my hands up and down his stomach and chest, and ran it across his broad shoulders and gave his muscular arms a squeeze making a remark  how manly he is.    Then he took my arm and had me sit on the bed so as not to hurt my knees . I knelt  on the bed as he stood at the side. I took it in my mouth once more. In & out, sucking hard as he groaned about how much he liked this .  He does not get this treatment at home, and I am glad to make him feel so good.

ringanddick 2

He was getting close to cumming, so he gently pushed me back, spread my legs and went down on me.  I grabbed the back of his head and pushed down saying, harder. as I pushed my hips upward to meet his mouth.   When I had my fill, I flipped over joking to do me from behind for “safe  distancing”.   He spread my legs apart, took hold of my hips and pushed  into my wet  pussy slowly in from behind. He went deep.  In deep, out slowly, but I started to meet his strokes and went faster and faster.   Fill me up, I want your cum to drip down my legs! Cum!  Back arched, undulating back and forth letting him go deep to hit bottom.


 I could hear his breathing getting harder as he was thrusting.  Then his body went limp over my back.     He rolled onto the bed. .  I sat there & just put my hand gently over his cock, now laying limp across his stomach.

We chatted for a while until It was time to go.  We got dressed and he walked me down. He was going to walk me to the car, but  at the front door I said, Oh, my car is close, right there,  He got the hint and went onto the gym to workout those muscles.   Until next time.

Upon  arriving at home, I kissed my  husband who was waiting.  He had been thinking about my getting fucked and took my arm and went into the bedroom.


Took off my shorts an panties and shoved HIS cock deep  into my pussy now dripping with backwash of another man’s cum. 

Wow. 2 good hard fuckings in a  day.  I was in ecstasy and glowing from the thrill of it all.

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