So how was your Valentine’s Day? I wonder if any of my reader’s partook of the ‘Valentine’s Day’ lock up whereby locks were closed on the 14th of January ready for a month of hard denial ready for Valentine’s Day… obviously not being ‘caged’ myself that wasn’t something that I could participate in, but oddly enough my latest period of chastity came to an end on Valentine’s Day too.

I had bought Mistress some underwear for Valentine’s Day (there’s no losers in this scenario that I can see) and Mistress slipped it on before we went to bed… wow, she looked amazing and the underwear (from – visit / don’t visit they aren’t paying me so I couldn’t care less) was extremely sexy and silky. :)

Mistress teased me to the edge and let go and I thought that was that, but then she said ‘Maybe as it is a special day today I should let you cum…’. It had been sixty two days since my last orgasm and in the meantime Mistress had asked where I would want to cum next time I was granted a release. I had said that I wanted to cum on her gorgeous pussy, though as always part of me really wanted to cum on her beautiful feet.

She asked me now where I wanted to cum, but before I could answer she said ‘I’ll give you a clue, I’m not taking this underwear off’. So feet it was and once Mistress had got me close again I took over and jerked my cock hard until I started to cum. Yet again my cock was so damned hard it seemed like the cum could barely escape my cock! But I still managed to get a reasonable amount on Mistress’s super sexy feet and as I was licking them clean I felt my cock soften slightly so that I was able to milk another load onto Mistress’s perfect feet.

After that Mistress slipped her panties off and it was her turn to cum. :)

Valentine’s Day Release..

The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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