3 thoughts on “Your bisexual fantasy can come true if you want…

  1. This was super fucking hour and super juicy man I have been wishing my entire life to have a relationship like that where I get to suck cock literally whenever I wanted w/o my girlfriend either being super judgement, pissed or simply not telling her my secret due to being to scared or having my relationship ended over me wanting fat cum spewing cock in my mouth from time to time wink 😜 lol I’d love to be her cock sucking cum swallowing boyfriend. I’d finally be happy for once!!

  2. Listen if I was to be trained by you, it would be while no big Sprouse per say to me but to you I would be generally shocked and “filled” 😉
    with the ut most surprise if you’d find my alertness, willingness, and the obscene amount of devotion and loyalty that I would be at pleasure to unravel daily upon you at the bottoms of your (I’m day dreaming now 😉) but at the bottom of your delicious hot cum dripping toes and sole’s as my next play would odviously be licking up my breakfast before it got cold. Make my dreams a reality and except me for your glorious cock pleasing Femdom Training Goddess and make a happy lil sissy for you. Please

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