“What can I do to make your day better?”

“Is there anything I can do for you?”
My husband has started to ask the above questions daily and sometimes he will ask more than once in a day. A year or so ago, I had made it a rule that he ask the first question every morning. This lasted for several months but overtime, it lost it’s appeal and faded away. What impressed me this time is that he started to ask these questions on his own, without direction from me. Instead of just following a rule, he is sincerely inquiring about my needs. He wants to server me. He wants to make me happy and make my day better. It thrills me so much when he asks me these questions. Sometimes I will respond with a task for him to do or about how I want him to keep a good attitude and keep up with his chores and sometimes I will let him know that I have nothing at this time but will let him know if something comes up.
So many times submissive men are focused on how they can get their wife to be more strict and dominate with them and they are not even thinking about what they can do for her. It’s ironic that submission is about serving another, yet a lot of submissives are focused on getting their wife to do things for them to satisfy their own pleasure. Guys – if you find yourself in that cycle of always wanting more domination from your wife, then it’s time to flip your perspective and start asking her what you can do to please her or make her day better.  Asking the above questions is a way for you to show your appreciation and commitment to your wife and reinforce her dominance and authority over you. It has been refreshing for me to have my husband show he wants to serve me and it makes me feel like a real Goddess. When I feel that way, I enjoy the WLM even more and it gives me good reason to want to continue to exert my dominance over him. So you see, by asking what she wants, in the end, you get what you want.
Give it a try!
-Mz Kaylee

What Can I do to Make Your Day Better?

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