Congratulations…. Meet Lara, Your Very Own Personal Trainer!

You have made it to a very special part of our site, where only serious people that are committed to the femdom lifestyle make it too.  This is where the serious people that LOVE the femdom lifestyle really start to get some serious ONE ON ONE training by our personal trainer Lara.

On the last page, you gave us all the information we need to CREATE a specific training program for you.  A training program that will help you OBTAIN your goals with your partner, or in the lifestyle in general.  It can help you find a partner if you do not have one, and that is one of your goals.  This VERY SPECIALIZED TRAINING PROGRAM is made ONLY for you!

No training program will be the same, as you are a unique individual person and your training program is not available for any other members to see, hear, or know about in anyway.

“This is your chance to be trained one on one by an experienced domme, that knows how to make your dreams come true.”

Who is Lara?

Lara is one of the most sought after professional hypno dommes in the industry.  Over 300,000 downloads on the various social platforms and this site have occurred.   She is a professional femdom training hypnotist, and has been for the past 6 years.  Her voice is sultry, soothing, and a breath of fresh air.

It won’t be hard for you to submit your will to her, ESPECIALLY when she is speaking directly to you based on your training questionnaire you filled out on the last page.”She is waiting for you right now, to teach you how to become everything you have ever dreamed of.”

Here is why you want custom training with Lara:

  • Real person, directly working on your specific goals

  •  Custom training file delivered to you to listen too when you want, how you want.

  • Years of experience training submissives and dominants.

  • Lara has partnered with us because she loves our vision in transforming the world into a female dominant planet.  She has deep discounted her normal training rates to reach more people

This is the ultimate PERSONAL ONE ON ONE femdom training experience.  There is nothing like it on the market out there.

 Regularly $597.00 ONE TIME PAYMENT


New Trainer Special  $297.00

Regular Price $597.00 and soon it will be going to this.  If you take us up on this offer now, you will have your personal training files at a reduced rate, and delivered in the next 14 days.

Listen, we know that this might seem like a lot of money, but we had to twist Lara’s arm substantially to get her to agree to reducing her rates for training down this low.  Be a good submissive and honor her by showing that you appreciate her offering her personal time for your case.  She cares enough to carve out a few hours of her time making these files for you, you should show her how obedient you can be by ordering this right now.  This is already a pleasing act of servitude that will go noticed.  Who knows?  Maybe you will make it onto her want to meet and train you personally list.  Once in a while she tells us that she takes on a “pro bono” case in personal training based on willingness of participation and how good of a student you are.  She does this by taking you in for a week, and showing what “real service” looks like to a dominant goddess.  She doesn’t do this often, but she doesn’t do it period to anyone that she has not trained in some way or another.  Get on Lara’s good side, by ordering her personal training, and who knows where this will lead you…..

Unfortunately, Lara does not offer a 100% money back guarantee, and 100% of the proceeds of this transaction go to Lara directly.  She cannot get back her time she invests in her case, and since we cannot sell these files to anyone else, there is no way to recoup her time.  However, you already know you love Lara’s general training, so we are 100% positive you will be ecstatic with her personal one on one training.  We wanted to offer some personal one on one training, and honestly, although my wife has trained me to be her obedient servant, we both agree that Lisa is far more qualified to teach submissives and dominants to reach their full potential.  That is why we are doing this.

Regular Price $597.00 $497.00 $397.00

Limited Time Special Only $297.00


But wait, that is not all you get….

If you act RIGHT NOW, you will get EXCLUSIVE invitations to participate in LIVE training events conducted in various cities across North America.  Your city could be next!!

Listen.  Lara could raise this price on us at anytime.  Especially if our trainees do not please her.  She may even double the price on us.  Please get this while Lisa allows us to give this to you at this low of a price.  I promise you will not regret it.  She turned my wife  from a 5.0 ft nothing timid woman, into a confident, sexy, dominant woman, that not only dominates me, but has become a dynamo at her business, demanding respect from her employees and clients that she never had before.

When you look at the price, realize that Lara does not work for these rates ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.  She is offering this as a trial with us, and she can pull it at anytime.  She will honor all purchases, but she can make me take down this page at anytime if she is not happy.  That is who she is, and I, as a submissive, will be only too happy to serve her, and keep her in my good books.

(She truly does command my respect.  She is mind blowing in her training skills and knows exactly how to trigger what motivates us at a personal level)


Regular Price $597.00 $497.00 $397.00

Limited Time Special Only $297.00


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