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Lara M, has helped thousands of people transform their lives into a femdom relationship.  She knows the exact methods for you to implement to achieve the ultimate femdom relationship.  Through the power of femdom hypnosis, and Lara M’s hypnosis recordings she can take the most alpha of males and teach them how to surrender completely to his woman.

She also teaches women through hypnosis to learn how  to participate in their man’s fantasies and love it as much or more than he does.  In some cases it is the woman who pursues this first, but with our files, it breaks the ice and allows it to happen.

 It is free to join, just choose the type of training you wish to embark on.

After you select your training, here is what you will get:

  • Exclusive free femdom hypnosis only available on our site

  • Training module specifically for your training choice

  • Lara M training emails to enhance the hypnosis files

  • Daily affirmations

  • Chosen videos for you handpicked by Lara M for you

  • Access to more personalized training

  • Access to custom hypnosis files made specifically for you

  • And much, much more.

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From Our Members……

I am the wife of a man that is now caged and we have discovered that he doesn’t do so well without the cage.He has PTSD and being caged has definitely helped him find peace not to mention he has taken over the housework and is very enthusiastic about serving my needs.I was not to sure I wanted to do this but from what I have seen so far I am way more interested.I have always been the one doing everything and now he has taken the burden off my shoulders and I am loving it.

Wow!!!! Incredible!!!! Goddess Lara has a wonderful way of relieving all the stresses of the despicable patriarchal world, and leading me to a relaxing, happy new life. She makes me feel so good and safe. She makes me feel so useful when i am a good boy, and inspires me to be good. i love Her, and will eagerly do anything She tells me to do. Her rules are my rules. i can never go deep enough for Her. i crave to go deeper and deeper for Her.


Excellent file. Lovely voice. Very affirmative and imperative quotes. Every submissive must be seduced to this file.


The quality of this file is superb! It goes right in. It’s difficult to resist. It had immediate impact on me. I now understand how wrong I’ve been for my entire life. I thought I was treating women with respect, but I really wasn’t. I’ve wanted to be a woman’s slave and personal servant for most of my adult life. Now I’m beginning to understand how to get out of my own way and allow my submission to grow and be more attractive to a domme.


I had to listen when I saw the icon. I wondered just how this could be tied in with Femdom? WOW! What a ride! I don’t think I could take it in real life but the fantasy is incredible!


Mistress Lara is an amazing instructor with the most compelling, seductive voice I’ve ever experienced. It’s absolute heaven to listen to her every day.

William Hopkins

If you want to lose weight, this file is a must. I lost more than 40 pounds with personal training files from Lara, and this file is pretty close to them.