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Head trainer at femdomtraining.ca My goal is to enlighten men and women on the benefits of a female led relationship, and to teach specific methods on how to become a more dominant woman, and a more submissive man. My hypnosis files are powerful and will accomplish this. Try them out. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of them.

Forced Feminization Training

What is forced feminization? Forced feminization is the the process in which a dominant woman participates in their men's fantasies, or actively pursues the long term goal of nurturing the feminine side of a man's personality, often in an exaggerated or hyper feminine manner.  This process is also known as sissification.  This fantasy exists in [...]

In Praise of the Pits

Getting older inevitably means there are more and more things I don’t understand. My brain can only fit so much and our endlessly culture creates more and more stuff. I’m at peace with this. What really puzzles me are the things that I’ve known for years and never understood. Like the social pressure for women [...]

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Expect the Unexpected!

It had been nigh on a week since I've been able to worship Mistress's gorgeous pussy, but tonight made up for that. As I said before, the glass dildo has now become a permanent fixture (or rather a permanent possibility) and once again, part way through Mistress handed me the toy to use on her [...]

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An Awkward Couple of Hours

I flew down to LA today for some R&R. Or I guess I should say some D&D – Dine & Domme. I’m looking forward to the trip, but I can’t say I started it particularly brilliantly. When I got onto the plane I did the usual seat nesting process we all do. Stashing bags away, [...]

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The Philosophers Stone

Alchemists believed that there was a mystical substance that could transmute any element into any other element – the Philosophers Stone. The medieval theory for this was that the stone was formed from the intrinsic material of the world, the fundamental base that all other things were made from, and hence provided a means to [...]

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Femdom High Protocol Gala: Late Afternoon – Sploshing & Bi Party (3)

Summer High-Protocol Gala We held a femdom gala party late last summer, seven gorgeous Mistresses including myself indulged ourselves in a day of real-life high-protocol domination with a lucky pack of favoured slaves, maids and butler. In attendance were Miss Annalisa, Mistress Nikki … Continue reading → Free Femdom Training & Femdom Hypnosis #femdomtraining #femdomhypnosis #malesubmissivetraining #sissytraining [...]

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Stupid Tech

I’m generally a fan of combining fancy equipment with kinky sex. It’s certainly not necessary, but it can be a lot of fun. However, I do draw the line at the idea of this cockring combined with a camera. That’s the stupidest combination of technology and sex toy I’ve seen since the vibrator that reported [...]

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