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Femdom House Cleaning

Femdom House Cleaning Lets get a few things straight boy... You are here on earth for a few reasons only. The first reason is to please women. If you have a wife or girlfriend, this would be her. If you do not, then you will have to please me for the time being. The second [...]


Make him clean the house before company arrives.  I love the padlock idea, but haven't tried it yet. I'm thinking it would be fun to let company arrive, while he's still dressed up, and let him sweat it out a bit whether or not I am going to come up and unlock him

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Kneel and Lick

Now that you have finished your house cleaning chores, kneel and lick slave.....

What Is Queening

faontk: Queening Queening is a very erotic act in which a woman sits on a man’s face and is satisfied sexually while dominating her man and the man is incredibly turned on by the act as well. Also referred to as face sitting or smothering, queening is most often accomplished by a dominant woman sitting [...]

Advanced Obedience Training Combo Pack

ADVANCED OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR MEN – COMBO PACK In these 2 files MEN will learn to be submissive obedient house sluts who live to serve their partner’s needs, whatever they are. It may be housework, chores, being more attentive, a better pussy licker… only your dominant partner knows. No more topping from the bottom. Her [...]

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