Changing Zones – Chastity and Anal Training for Couples

In this training material, you will learn everything you need to have an incredibly fulfilling relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom.    This training is for men and women, but most of the references is speaking to the woman.  It is highly likely that your man is already into this and wanting this life with you.  This training here, will show you the benefits for you, and that this is not just a way to spice up your sex life, but to enhance every aspect of your relationship tremendously using Mother Nature bio-hacks in the way human bodies were designed.  What I am going to show you is tried, proven, tested and true and millions of people behind closed doors live [...]

Femdom House Cleaning

Femdom House Cleaning Lets get a few things straight boy... You are here on earth for a few reasons only. The first reason is to please women. If you have a wife or girlfriend, this would be her. If you do not, then you will have to please me for the time being. The second reason is to keep a tidy place. This is not a woman's job, it is your job. You are going to learn how to be a good housecleaning bitch boi for your woman, and if you don't have a woman, it might because your a fucking slob. Then again, maybe your not. In any case you are going to be a BETTER house cleaner, and I am going [...]

Kneel and Lick

Now that you have finished your house cleaning chores, kneel and lick slave.....

What Is Queening

faontk: Queening Queening is a very erotic act in which a woman sits on a man’s face and is satisfied sexually while dominating her man and the man is incredibly turned on by the act as well. Also referred to as face sitting or smothering, queening is most often accomplished by a dominant woman sitting on her submissive man’s or slave’s face and deriving sexual pleasure by riding his face or forcing him to lick, suck, bite, or orally massage his domme’s vaginal and anal area until she climaxes. During a queening session a submissive experiences the sensation of his mistress’s weight on his face as she squats on top of his face. The smell of her, the moistness, and the slow erotic [...]

Advanced Obedience Training Combo Pack

ADVANCED OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR MEN – COMBO PACK In these 2 files MEN will learn to be submissive obedient house sluts who live to serve their partner’s needs, whatever they are. It may be housework, chores, being more attentive, a better pussy licker… only your dominant partner knows. No more topping from the bottom. Her word is law, and you will love it you obedient pussy licking boy. Strong desires to please your partner will be permanently embedded into your subconcious.  Increases service level of housework and oral sex. There are 2 files included in this combo pack Advanced Obedience Training Hypnotic Version – File Length 26 Minutes 18 seconds Advanced Obedience Training Day Trainer – File Length 15 minutes 11 seconds This [...]