Femdom House Cleaning

Lets get a few things straight boy…

You are here on earth for a few reasons only.

The first reason is to please women. If you have a wife or girlfriend, this would be her. If you do not, then you will have to please me for the time being.

The second reason is to keep a tidy place. This is not a woman’s job, it is your job. You are going to learn how to be a good housecleaning bitch boi for your woman, and if you don’t have a woman, it might because your a fucking slob. Then again, maybe your not. In any case you are going to be a BETTER house cleaner, and I am going to show you how you can have fun with this. Got it? Say yes ma’am… Good boy.

In an earlier file made by Lisa, she taught you all about housecleaning and how your days look, but that was awhile ago, so this one is for people that have not heard that file, or just a refresher for you in case your cleanliness standards have dropped

So are you ready to become a good housecleaning servant for your lady, or future girlfriend?

Good… then let’s begin…..

Illustration depicting a sign with a bad attitude concept.

Your attitude has been bullshit. You are going to re write your life today my egotistical male slut bitch boy. Today you will learn that your ego has no place in your life. It is disrupting your relationships with women. It is serving no one, including yourself. Only a correction in attitude will fix this my little bitch boy.

You are a little bitch boy…

You are becoming enslaved by my words… and thats ok. Its ok, because you want to be. Its ok because you know I am right with every word I say. You know that you have been a naughty self centered egotistical man that has put his own needs above the women in his life.

You are about to become a puppet, and I am your puppet master. You are my puppet. You are my puppet to do what I say, when I say.

You are going to learn today right now, what it takes to be a woman pleaser…

Do you know what love language is my little bitch boy… I am speaking yours right now. I am speaking your love language of sexiness which stimulates your brain and releases chemicals that make you feel ohhhh sooooo goood. You like it don’t you….
Well, I don’t give a shit boy. I am only giving you your love language so you can learn how to give women theirs.

Do you want to know what the most common love language for women is?

Its acts of service.

Something you have been lacking a great deal of. That is going to change, because if you want women to feed into your submissive fantasies of being dominated, you must learn first on how to be a submissive little bitch boy servant that provides unsolicited acts of service.

Let me help you understand, because I know you have a pea sized brain, and this is probably too complicated for a dipshit like you……

  • It means SERVE women you stupid little fuck….
  • It means serving without being asked….
  • It means cleaning house….
  • It means buying flowers…
  • It means licking pussy while your small little dick is locked away with no expectation of release for you. It means one way service with no expectations of reciprocity you stupid little fuck.

Yes, I know, I am being hard on you…, but thats because you need it. YOU need to learn that you are inferior to me, inferior to your wife or girlfriend, and if you don’t have one, its because you are a stupid little fuck that doesn’t understand how to please women.

So lets start with some basics shall we?

From this day forward you are going to take over ALL the housework in your house. This is not your wife’s or girlfriends job. It is yours. Once you start doing the housework, you will speaking to her in her love language and not yours. When you do this, she will feel closer to you.

And I am not talking about a superficial tidy up boy….
I am talking about a deep clean of your place like no other. Once you have it there, you will be required to maintain it there. So lets begin…Lets show you what a good housecleaner can do. But first, I want you to feel VERY VERY submissive while you do this… so picture everything in my mind as I say it. Ok? Good little bitch boy…

Picture me there right now.


Thats right, take all of your clothes off. Today you will be working hard, and you don’t need any clothes to get dirty. You will be very dirty and download-9grimy when you are done cleaning my house. Thats right, I am there now with you, but listen little bitch boy… this is my house. You are allowed to stay here by my graciousness alone.

So get naked. You will be cleaning this house naked.

Good, now that your naked, I want one more thing to sink home to you, just exactly who is in charge. See me standing there in front of you as I hand you a stainless steel buttplug. “Put this in” This will make you a better housecleaner. You need to feel like a woman to clean like one, and yes women are better housecleaners. Its not because we are women, its just because we are cleaner creatures. Males are disgusting slobs that wouldn’t know how to clean a house if their life depends on it.

Thats until now….

100-real-photo-small-size-metal-anal-toys-smooth-touch-font-b-butt-b-font-fontNow that you got that buttplug in, and you realize what a little butt slut housekeeping bitch you really are, you will perform better. Who knows, maybe if you do a good job, I will let you get down on your knees underneath me and lick my pussy until I cream all of your face. But I doubt it, because you probably will suck at cleaning. Prove me wrong bitch boi.

Lets start with the bathrooms shall we?

See me lead you inside the bathroom…

Boy…. the way you clean a bathroom is from the top down. Start on the light fixtures above the mirror. Turn the lights off, so that you don’t break a bulb you stupid dipshit. Ok. Good, now wipe the fixture and the bulbs clean. Good. Now do the mirror. Clean it with your vinegar and naked-guy-cleaning-a-toiletwater mixture I got your little bitch ass to make before we came into the bathroom. Wipe it, and don’t leave any streaks. Good.

Now the tub, then the shower. You will use a bathroom tub and tile cleaner for these. Start at the top of the shower, and work your way down. Make the chrome sparkle bitch. If it doesn’t sparkle, there will be no pussy for you to lick for a month. Thats it. Like that.

Now I want you to do the toilet. No, not like that you stupid fuck. Get on your hands and knees and get under the toilet. Get the whole basin from the top down. Not one part of while porcelain, should be left untouched. It should all gleam. Stick that little ass of yours up, so I can see that buttplug. Do you feel like a woman now? Do you feel like a good little housecleaning bitch? Good, because this is your new role.

You need to understand that fridges, sinks, laundry rooms, appliances, counters, and everything in this house needs to be fucking spotless. Do you get it? Good. If you can’t clean house, you certainly cannot lick pussy. So get used to being a good house cleaner, and then I will teach you how to make me cum with that mouth of yours. After I wash it out for all the stupid ass things you have said to women in your life.

Ok my little bitch boy.. .clearly there is a lot more to cleaning house than cleaning a bathroom, so I will make the rest of if real easy for your pea sized brain. Clean the house in the same manner as you cleaned the bathroom.

Here is a step by step procedure. Wipe all counters in all rooms onto the floor. Wipe all tables and end tables clean BEFORE your vacuum. Make all things shine, then vacuum. After you have vacuumed, clean the floors. For small bathrooms, do not use a mop. Get on your hands and knees like the bitch you are with a rag and hand clean the floors in small rooms.
I will allow your bitch ass to use a mop on the larger areas.

tumblr_nkpbpzbkpz1rb2u5vo1_1280Oh, just in case you didn’t understand because you are a male with a small brain. Vacuum before you mop. Duh… Fucking idiot’

Ok, if you get this right, I won’t have to call you names anymore. You might get called sweetie instead. You might even get a blowjob once in awhile if you please me. Probably not often, but if you are a good boy, certainly once in awhile. If you are a good boy, you will get to eat me out often though. That is the reward for a good housecleaner. If you are a really good boy, I will bring you over to my girlfriends houses and let you clean their house too. Then you can lick them to orgasm. I like helping my friends out, and most of their husbands are losers. Not you… You will be a good catch by the time I am finished with you.
Less golf and more time at home cleaning my little bitch boy…

Do you understand?

I thought so… now you understand, so go and do it for your wife or girlfriend. Quickly bitch boy.

Femdom House Cleaning

Femdom House Cleaning Lets get a few things straight boy... You are here on earth for a few reasons only. The first reason is to please women. If you have a wife or girlfriend, this would be her. If you do not, then you will have to please me for the time being. The second [...]

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