Husband Diapered for Real Punishment

The other day my husband came to me and admitted to a recent and very embarrassing actual wrong-doing. He requested punishment from me, and I obliged him, involving my sister as well, and even a friend of hers. Because it related to his crime, and many of my blog readers are interested in it, I [...]

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Tucked Husband Fucked in Front of Sister-in-Law

My older sister Sue texted me the other day and said "I need some kink."Well, she came to the right place! I called her and asked her what she had in mind. She said she'd leave it to me, but that she desperately needed to see a man put in his place. Yup, definitely came [...]

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Bathed, Spanked, and Released in front of Girl Next Door

Decided to have some fun with my boy. I had the girl next door come over to see how I deal with my husband!Nice thing about Toronto is there are so many professional escorts, with many of them (based on their ads) very open to kinky play, and willing to make a house call (after [...]

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otkfme:Your spankings will help you to become a better husband…

otkfme: Your spankings will help you to become a better husband for me and this way we will have fewer or no disagreements. Spanking stories I have written at: Source: Femdom Portraits otkfme: Your spankings will help you to become a better husband...

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Husband’s Weight Loss Update

It's now past a month from since I again took charge of my husband's diet. He's struggling. He has lost a total of, drum roll please, 2 whole pounds in a month. fizzle.He was very close, 3 lbs, to suffering the ultimate indignity of enduring a bra and panty spanking across another man's knee. You [...]

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