Otk Strapping

His weekly spanking began over my lap, I quickly pulled down his boxers and started smacking his bare bottom using my bare hand with hard swats at a fast pace. His bottom grew completely red in the first minute as I continued to spank him, I feel that my kindness and compassion have let him off easy [...]

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Crossed Legs Spanking

I called my husband over to give him the spanking that he deserved. With my legs crossed I had him lie over my lap, raising his butt high into the air. Using my hand I started smacking each cheek beginning with a slow steady pace. After a few minutes I removed is underwear and continued [...]

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OTK Paddling

He knew I wasn’t playing around when he could see the DWC paddle I was holding in my hand. With his pants still on I put him over my lap and began smacking his bottom with the paddle slowly and lightly. After a minute, I had him get up and to remove his pants and [...]

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Strapped to Tears

My husbands weekly spanking began as I led him over to kneel on the chair with his boxers still on. I waited for him to get into position before I retrieved my leather strap, this strap has a strip of spring steel inside, this gives a bit of extra sting with each impact and adds [...]

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