Schoolgirl Punishment (part 2)

Continued from Schoolgirl Punishment (part 1), after a brief detour into The Schoolgirl Fetish.As you can read from the previous installment, I was role playing a naughty schoolgirl, and my friend Tracy was my Mommy, and her husband John my Daddy, and I had earned myself a spanking, both for my poor report card, and [...]

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The Schoolgirl Fetish

So what is it about this schoolgirl fetish thing anyways?The current scene I am describing in Schoolgirl Punishment has me dressed as a schoolgirl, and my friend Tracy and her husband John playing my Mommy and Daddy (kind of my idea, as I'm the one with the parental fantasy kink). Of course, what fucks with [...]

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Schoolgirl Punishment (part 1)

As I related in my previous blog post, Another Paddle, Another Paddling!, Daddy and Tracy together had cooked something up for me. A nasty new paddle was involved; and I was to present myself as a schoolgirl in a short skirt. I was going, however, with the intention of taking things much further than either [...]

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Anther Paddle, Another Paddling!

So, Daddy of my paddling fame was so delighted with the illustrated results of my first paddling that in the comments to Julie Paddled! he offered to make me another paddle:Daddy  5 November 2016 at 09:15 Very well done lil miss julie. I know you're looking forward to being back on Top as STRICT JULIE [...]

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Just Sex

No spanking on this post. Just sex.I've mentioned quite often that my husband and I are not in a 24x7 FLR, but that we enjoy role-playing we are in one from time to time (enjoy it a lot!). Sometimes we just have "normal" sex with one another without the roles.Yesterday evening was one such. I [...]

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Husband Given Handjob by Sister

Well, it was xmas time again, and guess what gift my husband david got from my sister Sue? Yup! A nice, healthy, handy! It was not the first time, either, she has given him handjobs from time to time, even as an xmas gift before.My sister is by now completely into girls. So for her [...]

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A Story Switched

Back a few weeks ago, when I was in my submissive stage, I exchanged emails with one of my fans which constituted a roleplay fiction scene. I played the young unruly wife who needed disciplining from her man. I was spanked in private, in public, fucked, humiliated in the neighborhood, and finally spanked at Church [...]

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She has the pussy. She makes the rules.

At Christmas one of my nephews in his early twenties brought home a girl. They are both socially awkward creatures. They met online where they shared nerdish pursuits and this was only their second in person meeting. She was already talking about marrying him, though. They seemed very in love, and could not keep their [...]

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A Fucking for my Husband

I thought I'd continue on where I left off on my last post, A Spanking for my Husband, in which I punished him for not clearing the snow and ice from our walk. Not to skip ahead too much, but the evening ended in a very satisfactory manner!After making him freeze his butt in the [...]

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A Spanking for my Husband

I think I've gotten all that submissive nonsense out of my system for the time being. I am feeling very much refreshed and renewed as a Domme Wife.I was feeling I was neglecting david lately, so I took the first opportunity offered to give him a real spanking. By "real" I mean I would find [...]

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