Babysitter Roleplay Advice Please!

Thinking of doing a "babysitter" roleplay with my husband. Was interested in your thoughts on this particular genre. What would super turn you on?Here are my initial thoughts.I imagine he is a fourteen-year-old teenager, a little "too old" to have a babysitter. I am the twenty-one-year-old girl next door, 1950's style: sneakers, socks, skirt, blouse, [...]

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Husband gets sexy handjob across Wife’s Knee

david's been a doll lately. He's always thinking about me in the sack. At bedtime, when I nuzzle my bare backside up against him he immediately starts fondling and kissing me, quickly progressing to going down on me and giving me one or a few really lovely orgasms. Of course, afterwards all I want to [...]

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Christmas Tradition with Sister Sue

Well, Christmas and now New Years have come and gone. We have had a bit of an on again and off again tradition regarding Sue's gift to david, but she has carried on the tradition this year: The Christmas Spank and Wank!2016: Husband Given Hand Job by Sister2012: Sister Milks HusbandThis time there was no [...]

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Sisterly Spanking Aftermath

As I recounted in Spanked by my Sister, I got my very first spanking from my sister, and it was a doozie! Apologies for me recapping the session, I am sort of obsessed with it.The physical aftermath you can see above. In the same session I received an open-handed punishment to my breasts (repeated hard [...]

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Husband Made to Take the Breast

Thank you everybody for all the great ideas from my last blog entry Sister Play this Weekend. I took a whole bunch of your suggestions and made them happen last Saturday with sista' Sue.If you haven't been following, my older sister Susan phoned saying we hadn't co-dommed david in an age, and did I want [...]

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