Femdom House Cleaning

Femdom House Cleaning Lets get a few things straight boy... You are here on earth for a few reasons only. The first reason is to please women. If you have a wife or girlfriend, this would be her. If you do not, then you will have to please me for the time being. The second [...]

Humiliated on the Metro

On the previous blog post a commenter left a lovely little short story in French. I doubt Google Translate would do it justice, so I took a hand at translating it myself. It's like you have to be a poet to properly translate poetry, so translating kinky spanking stories is right up my alley! I've [...]

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Peeper Punished!

As you read in my previous blog entry, Stop the presses!!!, I had occasion the other day to deliver my very first totally real spanking, and it was amazing. To help commemorate the occasion, and because I'm apparently quite the exhibitionist, I decided to do a little self-timer photo shoot to illustrate the post. Give [...]

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Stop the presses!!!

You will absolutely not believe what just happened! I just spanked an unwilling (but not undeserving) man!!! In our home, nothing at all to do with our kink, just a good old fashioned spanking! Just him and me, and nobody else the wiser (except I told my husband afterwards: he was actually very amused).I won't [...]

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Husband Swished!

I changed my mind (a woman's prerogative, I am told - certainly a Domme's!) and decided that I would give david his first swishing myself. Frankly, I was a bit pissed off that he seemed more scared of Mags' switchin' than of mine. I was determined to set that record straight.I really drew it out [...]

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Gathering switches

We were at the lake and I thought it was high time david and I went out for a walk and gathered a good collection of spanking switches.You might recall what happened to my husband's butt the last time we did this...From Husband Severely Switched by Trainer"Oh come on! No no no no no no" [...]

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Husband put back into his place

So, we were out with mixed friends and the men got a little rambunctious. There was Olympics on the TV at the bar, and the men seemed very interested in the female athletes, but for things other than their athletic abilities.Many inappropriate comments made all around, with my david participating actively. I got him home, [...]

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Skinny Dipping for One

At the lake this week on holiday. It's lovely here.We have a couple up with us, Frank and Anne. They've been friends of ours since before we were married, and are about ten years older than us. They do not know anything at all about our kinky lifestyle.We had just finished dinner, which included wine [...]

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Really Punished this Time!

Sorry about the "tease and denial" of my last post! Ha Ha! This time I will really tell you about my husband's punishment for the make-believe text from his trainer:hi! thx for letting david give me my b'day paddy whacks! was fun. just btw, and no biggie, let him know grope between legs was not [...]

By | July 25th, 2016|Discipline|1 Comment

Punished for Spanking Ass

So, finally got around to punishing david for having spanked his trainer's ass. You can refresh your memory regarding that incident in David Spanks his Trainer!I had actually approved his giving her a birthday spanking, but he did get away with murder in retrospect. So, as a consequence, we role played me pretending he had [...]

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