A Bare Naked Over-the-Knee Public Spanking

Are there any words in the English language that can get a spankos heart racing more than the phrase "A Bare Naked Over-the-Knee Public Spanking?"But that is exactly what I received during my last adventure, Punished by Mistress Violet. If you have not read it yet, you simply must.There was a lot of playfulness, a [...]

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Punished by Mistress Violet!

Well, it happened! A very wonderful three-way scene with my david and Mistress Violet Mays. My bottom got toasted and she popped my girl-cherry as well!!!! (david had fun also)As I described in Outed to Mistress Violet!, this Toronto-based Pro Domme, Mistress Violet Mays  with whom david and I have played a couple of times [...]

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Outed to Mistress Violet!

It's true! First time ever. Outed!!!! Though person doing the "outing" is very responsible and will be discrete, I am positive.  This is how it happened and what the fallout will be.I received the following email the other day to my strictjulie account:Dear Julie, A while back (about two weeks now) I was turned onto [...]

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e-Subbie Punished!

As related in my last blog post, e-Subbie's First Assignment, I gave a new eSubbie my standard first assignment. As it turned out, however, he had not been completely forthcoming with me regarding his previous experience, and as a result it made me seem unoriginal.I solicited some ideas for punishment, and from those synthesized my [...]

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Oh My Gosh!

One of my favourite bloggers, Vanessa Chaland at Queening Chairs just posted two rather exhibitionist videos!!!In the first, Force Masturbation - Cuckold Training - Humiliation Video she is seen bare naked with her cucky in front of her.He is being instructed to masturbate for her. He is told to ruin his orgasm and to deposit [...]

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Husband Diapered for Real Punishment

The other day my husband came to me and admitted to a recent and very embarrassing actual wrong-doing. He requested punishment from me, and I obliged him, involving my sister as well, and even a friend of hers. Because it related to his crime, and many of my blog readers are interested in it, I [...]

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