Four expressions

In a genre dominated by sexy bodies, fetishistic outfits and kinky activities, I find myself picking up on and blogging about facial expressions more frequently than almost anything else. Yesterday’s post was one recent instance, and today’s features another. With the internet providing an endless stream of bodies in an infinite variety of sexual configurations, I find facial expressions are the most common way I can connect with a shot. Without them the imagery becomes almost abstract. This example from Divine Bitches is a bit porn-y, but I do like to see people having fun. Or at least 75% of the people having fun. Source:

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Elaborate arrangement

The bondage here isn’t elaborate, but the arrangement she has come up with certainly is. It looks like his head is held under the chair, and then there’s a pulley apparatus to connect her footrest to his testicles. I can’t say I’d want to give it a try myself, but I do admire the ingenuity. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this exact set-up before. This image was sent to me by a reader – thanks Marga! It’s on a bunch of tumblr’s (for example) but I’m afraid I couldn’t find an original attribution. Source:

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AVN Season (cont)

I’ve noted the lack of awards for kink, fetish and BDSM at AVN in the past. I think the last time, in 2013, there were only 3 vaguely relevant awards. This year, based on this list of winners, they’re now down to one. That’s the very generic ‘Best BDSM movie’. They don’t even break out separate awards for maledom and femdom. I doubt it’ll surprise anyone to learn that for the last three years that award has gone to a maledom movie. Breaking out every kinky niche into an award would probably be unmanageable, but I’d have thought top level awards for best male/female top/bottom would at least have been considered. It is after all a very challenging job. Regular porn stars will [...]

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AVN Season

The annual AVN awards were announced this weekend in Las Vegas. They style themselves as the ‘Oscars for Porn’ and, having attended them myself many years ago, I can confirm they’re as boring and repetitive as the Oscars and other similar industry award evenings tend to be. This year they were held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, which decided it’d be a smart move to harass and expel transgender performers. That’s based on what Lorelei Lee reported on her twitter feed. So someone could get an award on stage one minute and get kicked out of the restroom the next. That’s both incredibly stupid and not at all surprising to me. For a supposed center of hedonism and debauchery, Vegas is [...]

Hard, soft or somewhere in between

I liked Rain DeGrey’s recent post entitled – The secret of the dick. The secret in question is that dicks are not binary. It’s not true that hard equals horny and ready for action, while soft equals disinterested and ready for sleep. Dicks can be all sorts of different degrees of rigidity, and they may or may no correlate to mental state. The answer, for both men and women, is not to focus so much on the dick. Personally when I’m playing I’ll go through all sorts of different states. Typically light sensation equals hard while more sharp overwhelming pain equals soft. But sometimes, deep in the zone, when it’s getting very intense and the domme leans in close to really hurt me [...]

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