Four expressions

In a genre dominated by sexy bodies, fetishistic outfits and kinky activities, I find myself picking up on and blogging about facial expressions more frequently than almost anything else. Yesterday’s post was one recent instance, and today’s features another. With the internet providing an endless stream of bodies in an infinite variety of sexual configurations, [...]

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AVN Season

The annual AVN awards were announced this weekend in Las Vegas. They style themselves as the ‘Oscars for Porn’ and, having attended them myself many years ago, I can confirm they’re as boring and repetitive as the Oscars and other similar industry award evenings tend to be. This year they were held at the Hard [...]

Hard, soft or somewhere in between

I liked Rain DeGrey’s recent post entitled – The secret of the dick. The secret in question is that dicks are not binary. It’s not true that hard equals horny and ready for action, while soft equals disinterested and ready for sleep. Dicks can be all sorts of different degrees of rigidity, and they may [...]

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