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Sissies, like anyone else, should learn how to give great head for a variety of reasons. While some may view giving oral sex as a submissive act, it can actually be a powerful and pleasurable experience for both partners. Here are a few reasons why sissies should consider honing their oral skills: First and foremost, giving great head can be a major turn-on for your partner. Many people (regardless of gender or sexual orientation) find receiving oral sex to be incredibly pleasurable and intimate. By becoming adept at giving head, sissies can become not only more desirable partners but also better able to satisfy their partners sexually. Second, learning how to give great head can be a way for sissies to explore [...]

Forced Feminization Training

Get Free Forced Feminization Training What is forced feminization? Forced feminization is the the process in which a dominant woman participates in their men's fantasies, or actively pursues the long term goal of nurturing the feminine side of a man's personality, often in an exaggerated or hyper feminine manner.  This process is also known as sissification.  This fantasy exists in many men today, and it might surprise you to find that many of the men that have these fantasies are often high position executives that need a break from their "power" positions, and find it to be a form of escapism from their responsibilities of their everyday work or life. The forced feminization process can be achieved by dressing the male up [...]

Sissy Cum Eating Training

Sissy Motivation

Here is 8 minutes of great sissy motivation.  Enjoy!  

Hypno Mean Bitch

Sissy Slut Trainer 21 6 min

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