Twice the Fun

By Mrs. BDeniedHeard from one Buddy a month ago there was a possibility he'd be in town on 2 days. Does not always happen, sometimes one ends up not panning out.  But catch as catch can! I'll take it when I can get it!  He was in  town at the beginning of the month, and sure enough, 2 weeks later he was back. Very nice...ocean front hotel to boot! Sweet.This hotel only has a small area to park and for customers only, or street parking. My Buddy worries about me, so I texted him 2 days prior that there is  a parking garage, so not to worry. However,  turned out the garage is for residents only. I went into the hotel & asked [...]

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the rest of the Story

A brilliant observer of humans long time radio host would often tell a compelling story about a person/s and not tell the listener until the end of whom he commented on and when he did, he would say "and now you know the rest of the story," and with that I teased about a recent cuckolding experience and now you get the rest of the story. So last Thursday, 6/18 he guy was back in town on business staying at the same hotel as he did on his past visit a couple of weeks earlier.  She does not often get to see him twice in a month, and sometimes not even twice a year so she was very excited to have him back in [...]

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Teasing a preview

Some cuckolding happened this week but right now I don't have time to write all the details so Im going to tease the readers (if there are still any) by posting this little missive.She hooked up, she had fun, she came home, we had fun.Details will arrive beginning of the week....Probably Monday....until then let your imagination run wild Teasing a preview The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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Cum and Stay awhile!

by Mrs bdeniedThe evening before a prearranged meeting with My Guy, I texted him to see if it was still a go. Yes it was.  He had until 10 so come at 8. Mr. bdenied & I  were having dinner at home, when I had a thought. Why don't we book a room tonight, prep my pussy by shaving, have some fun, then you can go to your appointment in the morning while I entertain my Guy. So we did. Went to the resort and was given a room with a nice view of the ocean.  He shaved my pussy, but he could not do anything else. He drove off early the next morning with the thought I would be with another man [...]

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Balconies and BJs

So the date was arranged and he was to arrive at a hotel not far from us and they were to meet up in the morning as he had a quick meeting and then had to leave town.  It was going to be a drive by fuck!I had an appointment on the other side of town at the same time as the planned hook up and one car was causing some scheduling conflicts.I have the highest level of hotel perks for spending so much of my life in hotel rooms of one particular brand.  So the solution was why not get a room, spend the night with her.....enjoy the amenities and in the morning head to my appointment while she headed to her [...]

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The world is becoming Normal Again!

Hopefully the title says it all.  The world is becoming normal again.  We can hope can't we. Due to a lot of factors, the least of which was this virus we have not ventured out much and there has not been any extra sex activity for my lovely lady for quite some time.  That may come to an end soon we hope and something in the future is planned.In the meantime like a lot of guys I have been hitting various "adult" themed web sites.  One of my greatest thrills is when I catch a glimpse up a short skirt.  No not the kind of posed stuff we so often see with a woman who has her legs opened way wider than any woman [...]

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All Dressed and going out with_______

So just a bit of humor in the humorless times.  Of course life in our world has gotten strange.  The wife has not gotten any strange cock lately and I have been a very unhappy cuckold husband as a result of her lack of nookie.We haven't been out anyplace except for brief excursions to the grocery store, and local pharmacy to get essentials.We have actually found toilet paper once (each of us was able to buy five rolls) and the wife found an additional three on her own when she ventured out into zombie land.But with no place to go and nothing much to do we were both getting a little bored.  So the other night I was sitting and reading the latest [...]

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Supply and Demand!

The hot water to get her all soft and ready was heated to just the right temp and I began by applying the wet warm cloth to her mons to soften the scraggly remains from last session.Soon I had her all lathered up, and from a position on my knees I carefully  depilated her pubic area, and her pussy lips.  Of course I had to remove some excess lather with my fingers and could feel her clit grow hard.Soon her pussy was hairless as the day it came into the world and I used the warm water and wash cloth to remove the excess lather.  I then began to kiss and nibble her until she began to squirt a gusher into my mouth and [...]

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Is there a Toilet Tissue Fetish??

Search far and wide and you will soon find out there must be a fetish involving toilet tissue and all the world is into it.  It is more rare than diamonds and certainly now more valuable than gold.I don't get it.  But No true crisis is a crisis unless there is something funny to take our minds off of the crisis.  I give you a link to a youtube video from the old Carol Burnette Show.. I cant upload it to here but follow the link: Is there a Toilet Tissue Fetish??

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Virus Blues

Every year my wife and I look so forward to going to our local RenFest.  I only get to wear my Kilt once maybe twice a year.  I really like wearing it and I wont tell you wants underneath except for my boots. I called the Fest this morning and asked if they would be open this weekend as there are only two weeks left.  Yes, we will be here!!  Great news!So ten minutes ago I went on line to buy tickets and bingo.  In huge blue borders with white letters.The Fest is canceled because of Corona Virus.  What a bummer.  I must say we thought about if it would be safe or not...But we came to the conclusion that it's outdoors and we [...]

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