Minding her own business

Today I was at my dinning room table.  I had some minor maintenance to do on some tools and the table provided a good solid surface to work on.  I put some protective cloth and padding on the table so not to damage it and went about cleaning the tools I needed to use.  It just amounted to cleaning the grime off and making sure they were well lubed for the next go around.She was on the opposite side getting something from her purse that she keeps on a stand along with her phone charger.  I saw this view and just grabbed my phone and snapped off a quick shot because even after 26 years I think she still has a hot ass.  [...]

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When the Sun comes Up

By Mrs. BdeniedA few weeks ago, I had gotten notice from one of my Alpha Buds he would be in town ...I could not make that one.  But he doesn't forget abut me!  Last week, I did get a few days notice he would be in town. Be there at 6AM.  Ok..where?  "Same place as last time".    Ok.  At least it IS in a  hotel, not grab a blow job in a car...so many cameras around anymore, and we have really pushed it for years & gotten away with fucking and sucking in vehicles.   He does like to live dangerously, but we both are getting more cautious.The hotel in question may be listed as a 4 star hotel..but not in the best [...]

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The New Year finally ends a dry spell

It has been quite some time since I have had anything to actually write about.  That ended last Friday.I have not written much because there was really nothing going on worth writing about.  The few posts I wrote were just to let the five or so readers who still actually read blogs to know I am not dead nor giving up the blogging world.This past Friday we got up early.  She dropped me off at an appointment I had and took off for her own more fun loving appointment.Mine actually involved exercise and in that exercise there were several very hot women wearing very skimpy clothing.  My own exercise clothes do not leave a lot to ones imagination if one is so inclined [...]

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The turn on of the Cheating Wife

I don't really know why but even though my wife has not only my permission but my blessing and encouragement to have sex with other men the thought of her having sex with someone without me knowing is an enormous turn on. She always tells me when she is hooking up with another guy and on rare occasions I am invited to watch an on fewer occasions I actually get to participate.Do not get me wrong, watching or have a MFM three some is hot as hell, I find it even hotter thinking she could be fucking another man without my knowledge, blessing or encouragement.Well actually blessing and encouragement are there but what I mean is that on the day it happens or [...]

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I Forgot!!! YOU FORGOT?

Ok so on Tuesday her #1 texted and asked if she were available for that night.  Yes she said.  Then he did not respond for a few hours and when he did, he said it would be Wednesday.Details she asked and he said he would get back to her.  Finally, a few hours later he texted and said she would pick him up at a nearby International Airport at 6PM , come to our place and then she would take him to catch a flight at 9PM.So I am sure that at times while texting, one is in the process of sending a text at the same time the other person texts you and you actually miss there comment.  Well she texts him [...]

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