My Christmas Present!!!!!!

So  since we don't have any kids living at home and the ones we do have are now adults themselves and we both have grand children my wife and I put up a small ceramic Christmas tree if any at all.  We have decided that we don't need to buy each other presents because we are both so totally in love and comitted to each otther (yeah many couples into cuckolding/hotwifing are really comitted to each other and deeply in love)  that our love is a gift enough to each other on a daily basis.The one thing we do have fun with, is that from Thanksgiving to Christmas I do not get to cum. On Christmas I get my big present in the [...]

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While waiting for the doctor

 So I had a routine visit with my eye doctor.  I had to do some tests and the machine that did the testing was busy and I was number three, so I had to wait.  To top it off he had to take an emergency call and I could hear him speaking to the physcian at the hospital next door. He said something about preparing the patient for surgery and he would be on his way and to call them when the patient was ready.I got my test and was told that he would see me next before he had to head to the hospital.  While waiting a really hot girl in short shorts came into the waiting room.  She had fantastic legs [...]

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Fast and Furious….Sex….Not Cars!!!

 By Mrs. BDeniedDouble WOW.It has been a while, but was pleasantly surprised  with a spontaneous get together with my Fuck Buddy  this week. He texted Sunday night..."Tuesday, 6:45 at such & such airport."  These last minute texts have been working out better than if he tries to plan a week ahead. Plus it makes it more exciting!  Yes! I'l be there!  Means getting up before the dawn, gulp down some coffee, shower, makeup, dress on, the mandatory no panties. and go!  But what to do about husband for those few hours?  Turned out, he took advantage of being kicked out of his house for a few hours, and made arrangements to see his gal pal!    He got to be cuckolded AND see his [...]

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Things happen fast

 This is just a teaser.  You will get a better post soon..But Mrs bdenied got laid yesterday and I was not the one providing the penis for her.  That was reserved for his first guy who happened to call her the night before with a surprise visit to the area while on business.I have not been in her pussy for at least two weeks, although I have tasted her lovely little shaved orgasms for me, does not mean none for her....So any way look forward to a posting from her describing the fun they both had....More later Things happen fast The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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Opening a New Present!

 My, My, MyBy Mrs. BDeniedThings have been pretty quiet for a while, since my 2 guys have not been able to get down our way with all that is going on. So my husband went on a site he has not been on in a while, and we were contacted by a fellow. There was some back and forth between them before it was bought to my attention.  I took a look. He is local, so having to wait for business trips is not an issue. It was discussed and decided to give it a go. Of course, an inital meet and greet in  public place was arranged. The meeting went well. He was on time & very polite,  well dressed and not bad [...]

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Afternoon delight!

 It is not often that someone new pops into our lives.  For one thing we have not been looking and for another it is a rare guy who can capture her interest or make it past me vetting him if he contacts usWe do keep a profile on an adult site and rarely do we check it and even more rarely do either of us ever reach out to someone who has contacted us.  We have very specific guidlines and if they are not met or if the person does not follow them....Wrong answer...and the buzzer goes off and they lose.A few days ago a very polite message arrived in our box. Yet all the requirements had not been met.  Usually I will [...]

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Every Which Way but Loose!!

 by Mrs. BDeniedWell. finally. After some starts and  stops, was able to get together in person with my F Buddy.   It has happened previously, so was happy it worked out this time. He set up a date to get together, cancelled, then the day before asked if we could still do it.  It occurred again this week. The last time I had denied him, saying he cancelled so I made other plans. This time I relented. I wanted to in person cock!He had some business to attend to, and wanted some of this tight hot pussy,. The plan was for me to pick him up at one airport, stop at my place for a pit stop, then drive him to get a rental [...]

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The Merry-go-round of making it happen

 This post will be short and she will be posting her own account (along with photos) of what happened yesterday.  But quick recap.  He called set up tryst for Tuesday.  Called again the next day. Tryst was off. Called again the next day. Tryst was on.It happened.  She picked him up at the airport.  I was as usual not invited to the party, as she wants this to be about her and not me.  They drove to our place.  He fucked her in more ways than one and in more locations that one.  I will leave the details to her.  I was given the all clear to come home...she was not here, but was taking him to another location where he had business and [...]

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The Spontaneous Rush Hour Race

 The  Mother of  Eroticism is  Spontaeity:It has been a while since I have heard from my #1 F*** Buddy.   Hubby has been deprived of some cuckolding.  He sends me articles about some scenarios other  cuckold couples have done.  I took one to heart.    After one of our traditions of him shaving my pussy, after I came, I played with him, then took down his underwear, rolled up & laid on top...I put my pussy on his throbbing cock..saying.."Do you want this",I teased....  My pussy lips surrounded his cock.."This is what you want, isn't it" I purred....   I squrimed a bit & ground my pussy on his cock..I could feel his cock throbbing & his hips coming up to meet me...then NO!   I [...]

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Swing and Miss Steerike Three

 As a kid I loved baseball and thought this post might be a good one to use a baseball metaphor to let you all know what is and has happened here in cuckold husband land.It has been a long time since our last post, and not because we are not posting.  It is because there has been nothing to post about.  It has been so long since another man had his cock in my wife's pussy or mouth there were just no new experiences to post about.About two weeks ago she got a text from her #1 guy.  #1 because she met him first of the two she sees the most often.  They have become permanent FWB's.  In any event used to be [...]

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