by Mrs. BDenied

Well. finally. After some starts and  stops, was able to get together in person with my F Buddy.   It has happened previously, so was happy it worked out this time. He set up a date to get together, cancelled, then the day before asked if we could still do it.  It occurred again this week. The last time I had denied him, saying he cancelled so I made other plans. This time I relented. I wanted to in person cock!

He had some business to attend to, and wanted some of this tight hot pussy,. The plan was for me to pick him up at one airport, stop at my place for a pit stop, then drive him to get a rental car so he could continue on with his business.  Complicated? Yes, but he wants his  shaved tight pussy as much as I wanted his big hard cock. Which I made my husband shave just so my F buddy would get it the way he likes it.  Shaved bare. 

Knowing he would be taking a nap after fucking, had to kick hubby out of the house for a few hours.  Hubby  will be elsewhere with a hard on  thinking how some other man is fucking his wife…for hours. 

I picked F Buddy up at allotted time.  Without even asking or him saying anything, I was of course in his  requested “uniform”…a skirt with NO PANTIES!  I had a pair of panties struck in a cup holder so he could see right away.  He hopped in the passenger seat and I noticed he already had a hard on.  He even said, “Do you see this?”  He took my hand and placed it on the noticeable  bulge in his pants.  OOO yes, Let’s go!   Do you want to see it?  He grabbed some netting from the back seat & placed it over his lap, undid his pants and pulled out the huge cock. I put my hand around it…man you are HOT, literally. Your cock is very hot.  (double entendre…it was very warm and it  is a hot cock)  (Driving him home)


Driving down the highway, as fast as I could, he said,   You really are racing to get fucked aren’t you? You know it!   He kept reaching over, sliding his hand up my skirt to see how wet my pussy was. Yes, it was wet. He wanted to get me off driving, but I needed to concentrate…Not only don’t text & drive, don’t get masturbated  and drive! I am usually in the passenger seat when he fingers me as he drives to get me off.

He started to clarify in his  mind how things were going to go once we reached home…”how do you want it this time? In your ass, mouth or pussy?  Are we ever going to let me fuck you up the ass?”  I said cum in my pussy so I can smell  you later from the backwash when I put the panties on.  (We have arrived)


Once at my place, we walked in, I shut the door as he lifted up my skirt , slid his magic fingers in my pussy exclaiming how tight it is.   “bend over you whore!”  I was leaning against the door as he put his big cock against my pussy…I spread my legs that helped open up pussy lips to make it easier for him to slide in. oo. Yes. .there it is. A big cock filling me up. “How does that feel, bitch?”  OOO  I groaned…you fill me up.   He started pumping.  I was holding on to doorknob of the front door  trying to steady myself from his pounding. “What will your husband think of his wife being fucked against his door? Every time he walks out he’ll think of me fucking you against his door”    He was marking his territory for sure!   As he was in me, he had me finger myself until I came.  “come on, cum for me”!  “Finger yourself!”   I had trouble reaching & holding on, so I got on my knees and was fingering my clit very hard groaning loudly. The he reached around and fingered me.. I groaned even louder.!!

Then he  led me to the couch, taking his clothes off on the way as did I.


He went and sat on the couch, arms spread out across the back. “Suck Me”  I knelt on the floor and put his cock in my mouth  I took a breath & said “oo. how erotic.. I am sucking your cock with my pussy juice”  He got even harder.   I put my tongue down his hole, then slowly went all the way down to deep throat.  that really turned him on..”do you deep throat your husband?”  I said, No, I don’t suck his dick…  but this man.  He  is so proud of his big cock and its so gigantic  I just have to suck it!!! I make sure to mention it to him lot…oo, it’s so big! and Hubby knows I suck that man’s gigantic dick too.

He had me stand & turn around and sit on his cock reverse cowgirl style while he sat  arms spread, his  back against the couch like he is hot shit.  I spread my lips & put his cock in me…he said, slowly…I went up and down on his head…oo. He liked that.  Then he maneuvered me onto the carpeted floor kneeling…He entered me that way, then split my legs to do what he called scissor style.  Legs spread in different directions, one leg bent up by my head.  I am bendable still! He goes so deep that way..  I said, yes fuck me HARDER..I want to feel you tomorrow!  He could not get a good footing, so off the the bedroom.

I lay on the bed and he spread my legs and entered me scissor style again…deep fucking!  “do you feel that on your cervix?  oh, yeah.  Come on, fuck me!  Harder!  he did jamming his cock in me all the way down.  Then he noticed the big rubber dildo I placed on a nightstand. He took it and put it in me…as far as I could stand. Slowly it went in until I cried uncle.  Then he tossed it aside, put his cock in me and said, here it comes! I am going to pump a big load in you.   UUH. It was over. We lay there satiated for the moment.  He said he was tired from being up all night to get the early flight, so he fell sleep to take a nap. I lay with him for a while, but got up to get a drink of water. Boy was I thirsty! 

After almost an hour, he woke up & I came back in & sat on the bed. He was standing at the edge, and said,” I want to cum again!”   He pulled me over. I knew what he wanted. I knelt doggie style for him and he confidently pushed his big cock in my hot very wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and pumped away, balls slapping may ass….UUH. He came again!  More gobs of hot cum spurted into me!!!!

 I lay there for a bit as he went in and cleaned  up a little. He went out and started to dress, so I followed suit.    We hugged and I thanked him for the effort it took to get down here. Fucking in a bed is so much better than the car. 

I gave him his usual soft drink from hubby’s supply; and off we drove back to get the rental car.   As the song says, when the sun comes up we’ll be on our own. Oh man was I Fucked.  Let me count the ways,  Standing Against a door, 


reverse cowgirl! on a couch!








 legs bent over my head! 


mouth fucked and deep throated! 


 and cummed in multiple times.. In other words every which way but loose!!!! and I fucking loved every thrust of it!!!! 


And so it was. He went his way & I went mine. Until next time. 

Every Which Way but Loose!!

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