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Modesty Ablaze “Eat Before Beer Time” #realworldsex film @makelovenotporn

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It’s been so lovely recently to have received lots of messages telling me how much you’ve all been enjoying my Videos from my holiday last summer. We were so lucky to have such a relaxing, lovely time, and perfect weather on my favourite beach. And usually after an early morning swim and then a few hours of lying back enjoying [...]

10 Mansion Blog – Female Domination Articles

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My blog focuses on the World of Femdom – specialist equipment; art, fiction, articles; some of the world’s top dominatrixes and prodoms; scene news; my philosophy or musings; and of course what’s happening inside The English Mansion. Much is ephemeral, I try … Continue reading → The post 10 Mansion Blog – Female Domination Articles appeared first on Mistress Sidonia's Femdom Blog. [...]

Julie was very specific with everything she did, right down to…

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Julie was very specific with everything she did, right down to the clothes she wore, to give her husband the same constant message - she was in charge of their married life, and he was totally subservient to her as she guided him into his role as her slave. Julie was very specific with everything she did, right down [...]

FEMDOM SESSION: 9th May 2021

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 A few weeks ago Mistress and I started looking around for fetish clothing for her to wear during our monthly 'Femdom' sessions. Ideally we were looking for cupless and crotchless (but no suspenders, which cuts out a lot) and we found four possible outifts; two from LoveHoney, one from Sparkling Strawberry and also a basque from somewhere else. The basque [...]

When Madeleine had invited her friend Jill over to help with the…

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When Madeleine had invited her friend Jill over to help with the disciplining of her husband. she’d wagered that Jill would be able to make his bottom as brilliant and vivid a shade of red as her nail varnish, and was pleased to see that she was correct. When Madeleine had invited her friend Jill over to help with [...]

Modest Panties #sinfulsunday

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I mentioned during the week how much I love my Leather … but, of course, I also love my Lace!!! And I’ve been very lucky over the years that even if I do get bored with a pair such as these … I never, ever, have to throw them away!!! For lots more Sinful thoughts this weekend simply kiss the [...]

A Thoughtful Feedback….

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Being on Literotica you get used to receiving feedback which can vary from very positive to blisteringly negative. But it's unusual to receive feedback of any depth or length; most comments are either along the lines of: 'I loved this' or 'I came in my panties before the end of the first paragraph' or 'you can't write for shit' or [...]

A Modest 2 Flutes #BoobDay Friday

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Because TWO is always better than ONE … don’t you think … especially at Boobday Friday!!! BoobDay is about celebration and support. ‘Boob’ is a term that is intended to be gender neutral and it includes the chests and breasts of all sorts of folks. BoobDay is not limited to cisgender women. Basically, if you want to celebrate the beauty [...]

Modest Leather #wickedwednesday and #4Thoughts_Fiction and #KOTW

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New “hobbies” always open-up new experiences and often change one’s perception of certain things, and previously held likes and dislikes don’t they. And that was certainly the case when I first embarked upon my Femdom fun adventures. It was obvious that I would need a complete new wardrobe … and accessories. Not that I’ve ever been averse to a new [...]

Trials and tribulations of a chastity slave #30

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Installment # 30 – Mistress Ayn: The “Steven Spielberg of FemDom” As many know, Steven Spielberg is one of the world’s premier movie directors.  My observations of, and experiences with, Mistress Ayn convince me that Mistress Ayn is the “Steven Spielberg of FemDom.” Session after session, weekend after weekend, Mistress Ayn orchestrates as a skilled director established Mistresses and Goddesses, [...]

Swing and Miss Steerike Three

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 As a kid I loved baseball and thought this post might be a good one to use a baseball metaphor to let you all know what is and has happened here in cuckold husband land.It has been a long time since our last post, and not because we are not posting.  It is because there has been nothing to post [...]

A Very Special and Unexpected Treat on an Anniversary

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Yesterday was the 29th anniversary of Mistress and I's very first date, and while waiting for the highlights of the Grand Prix to start on TV, I got a very nice surprise. Mistress came downstairs wearing some very hot lingerie and told me it was time for some 'spontaneous ass worship*'. Regular readers will know how much I love this [...]

Pour Me A Glass Members Newsletter – May 2021 #PMAGW

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Welcome to my Pour Me A Glass of Wine Modcast Newsletter for May 2021 … with a round-up of my most read posts over the past month … AND news of this months Members Video and Photo Gallery.
 It was lovely to receive so many messages after publishing both of April’s Members Videos telling me how much you all enjoyed [...]

Reine Suprême: Mistress Lorraine

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Reine Suprême: Mistress Lorraine Mistress Lorraine is a beautiful, statuesque prodom with a toned feminine body and never tiring right arm. Yes she is an expert at CP. An empathic thoughtful domina, Lorraine will not roar at you but will … Continue reading → The post Reine Suprême: Mistress Lorraine appeared first on Mistress Sidonia's Femdom Blog. Reine Suprême: [...]

As part of the next stage of complete domination and humiliation…

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As part of the next stage of complete domination and humiliation of her husband, Jane had invited her girlfriends around for a fun and erotic evening, with him naked and bound on the floor, ready to be ridden by all the women in turn. As part of the next stage of complete domination and humiliation... The Ultimate Male [...]

At my happiest #sinfulsunday

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I am … always at my happiest … standing on this balcony!!! Amongst the sweet scent of bougainvillea, feeling the warming summer sun upon my skin … and listening to that calming sound of gentle waves rolling in on my favourite beach below. “I Am” … is this week’s theme at Sinful Sunday. Tap the lips below for more! Xxx [...]

Debbie had just spent a training session with her sister, making…

By |April 30th, 2021|Categories: Discipline|Tags: |

Debbie had just spent a training session with her sister, making her husband worship their feet while he was naked and collared. Now they’re going to introduce him to their girlfriends at the party, so that he can show off his prowess at foot worship and be spanked by any of the girls who aren’t satisfied with his efforts. [...]