malevalsmistress:Mistress love having their arse hole cleaned…

malevalsmistress: Mistress love having their arse hole cleaned out by their dutiful slave…. often and long Source: Femdom Planet malevalsmistress: Mistress love having their arse hole cleaned...

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Femdom Bend Over Therapy

vfatldms: Linda…

Command Training Level 1

Command:  Listen Acceptable response.  His mouth shuts.  He listens.  Repeats back to demonstrate understanding. Command:  Help Acceptable response:  Drops what he is doing to come and help you.  Response time is important to be under 30 seconds unless impossible under the circumstances. Command:  Come Acceptable response:  For him to stop what he is doing [...]

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Command Training Level 2

Add these commands to your vocabulary often once he has become consistent with level 1 commands. Anything less than the acceptable responses below the commands, banks 10 strikes to bottom per infraction at next convenient time. Command:  Now Acceptable Response:  Whatever you requested happens immediately on your time, not his.  Your discretion on time frame [...]

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Command Training Level 3

To be added to level 1 & 2 commands once he is consistently responding to them. All failures to obey commands at this point involve disciplinary action on your part when and how you feel like it. Command:  Kneel Acceptable response:  Drop to one knee directly in front of you and await further instructions. Command: [...]

Command Level Training 4

Word of Caution:  Do not attempt level 4 unless you will be comfortable completely transforming your man into your obedient slut house boy/girl, and that you are willing to risk your relationship to achieve that dynamic.  Many that cross this line end up divorcing.  It takes really strong couples to survive a level 4 relationship. [...]