17 reasons a woman might want a submissive man.

Here are 17 reasons why women are attracted to submissive men. 1. She may feel more confident and empowered in a relationship where she is the dominant partner. 2. She may enjoy the feeling of control and authority over her partner. 3. She may prefer a more passive and obedient partner who is willing to follow her lead. 4. She may enjoy the thrill of being the one in charge during intimate moments. 5. She may find submissive men to be more attentive and considerate of her needs and desires. 6. She may appreciate the opportunity to explore her dominance and assertiveness in a safe and consensual way. 7. She may prefer a partner who is less assertive and more willing to [...]

What is femdom hypnosis?

Femdom hypnosis, also known as female domination hypnosis, is a sexual fetish in which a man is hypnotized by a woman and becomes sexually submissive to her. This type of hypnosis is often depicted in pornography and can be a controversial topic due to its potential for exploitation and abuse. However, many men who are interested in femdom hypnosis do so consensually and find it to be a fulfilling and enjoyable aspect of their sexual lives. There are a variety of reasons why men may be attracted to femdom hypnosis. For some men, the idea of being completely controlled and submissive to a woman can be a major turn on. They may find the surrender of control to be sexually exciting and may [...]

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malevalsmistress:Mistress love having their arse hole cleaned…

malevalsmistress: Mistress love having their arse hole cleaned out by their dutiful slave…. often and long Source: Femdom Planet malevalsmistress: Mistress love having their arse hole cleaned...

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Femdom Bend Over Therapy

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Femdom Worship

Command Training Level 1

[usersultra_protect_content display_rule='logged_in_based' custom_message_loggedin='Only Logged in users can see the rest of this page. Login to the right, or Register to gain access.'] Command:  Listen Acceptable response.  His mouth shuts.  He listens.  Repeats back to demonstrate understanding. Command:  Help Acceptable response:  Drops what he is doing to come and help you.  Response time is important to be under 30 seconds unless impossible under the circumstances. Command:  Come Acceptable response:  For him to stop what he is doing and to come to you.  Response time target, less than 30 seconds. After you have successfully trained your man with these commands, add the next level of commands to your arsenal. [/usersultra_protect_content]

Command Training Level 2

Add these commands to your vocabulary often once he has become consistent with level 1 commands.[usersultra_protect_content display_rule='logged_in_based' custom_message_loggedin='Only Logged in users can see the rest of this page. Login to the right, or Register to gain access.'] Anything less than the acceptable responses below the commands, banks 10 strikes to bottom per infraction at next convenient time. Command:  Now Acceptable Response:  Whatever you requested happens immediately on your time, not his.  Your discretion on time frame of response. Command:  Do It Acceptable Response:  Do what is requested without argument. Command:  Sit Acceptable response:  Comes and sits beside you awaiting next instructions.  This is to be used to discuss matters of concern for you that you need to address with him.  Response time varies [...]

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Command Training Level 3

To be added to level 1 & 2 commands once he is consistently responding to them.[usersultra_protect_content display_rule='logged_in_based' custom_message_loggedin='Only Logged in users can see the rest of this page. Login to the right, or Register to gain access.'] All failures to obey commands at this point involve disciplinary action on your part when and how you feel like it. Command:  Kneel Acceptable response:  Drop to one knee directly in front of you and await further instructions. Command:  Zip It Acceptable response:  All noise coming from mouth or body is to be immediately stopped until further notice.  Useful when needing extended periods of quiet time.  This does not mean he can leave and be noisy elsewhere.  To be used when you want him close, but [...]

Command Level Training 4

Word of Caution:  Do not attempt level 4 unless you will be comfortable completely transforming your man into your obedient slut house boy/girl, and that you are willing to risk your relationship to achieve that dynamic.  Many that cross this line end up divorcing.  It takes really strong couples to survive a level 4 relationship. Here is what can go wrong at this level: woman loses all respect for her man, and he now becomes an object for abuse only. man has been turned into a sissy that craves cock more than pussy. man has lost all self respect, and shows signs of incompetence in regular life matters. Here are some recommendations to help you make a level 4 relationship work: DO NOT[usersultra_protect_content display_rule='logged_in_based' custom_message_loggedin='Only [...]