Ups and Downs and Ups Again

The Rough Subbe and I have been going through some challenging things lately regarding our relationship. It is always somewhat tenuous because of our ages and places in life, but sometimes I feel it more than other times. Yes! Dommes can get insecure. And it is very bad for a D/s dynamic—at least mine. When I feel insecure in our relationship, I veer between anger at him for making me feel insecure, anger at myself for staying in a situation that’s making me feel that way, and then an intense desire to please, which is rather counterintuitive for an F/m relationship. Also, all of this veering can happen all at once. I’ll be nice and kind and then end making some cutting remark [...]

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Premature Ejaculation Training is the Best Kink Ever

Photo by Pixabay: Have I talked about premature ejaculation training again recently? I don’t feel like I’ve talked about why I love this kink enough lately. Sometimes I feel like the most boring Domme in the world because I don’t care about hitting people. Or tying them up. Okay. Maybe a little scratching. But not even much of that either. I have a whole toybag full of stuff I never use. The way I do kink would look so boring if random people saw it. Because a lot of it just looks like sex. Like regular old sex—except always with me on top. (That’s not even part of the power exchange. I just like to be on top.) But it’s NOT the [...]

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From the Dark Part of the Brain

Photo by Francesco Ungaro: I was having a conversation with someone the other day about kink (shocking), and the topic of breeding fantasies came up. I somewhat shamefully admitted, that I have a total breeding kink, although I literally NEVER actually play it out with anyone in person. Never have. Never will. This is NOT an invitation! In fact, a lot of my fantasies involving this are fucking dark, and I am usually the submissive one being taken. (I do have a sort of reverse femdom fantasy involving this that is never mean or degrading.) In reality, I am hardly ever submissive in sex, and I would never ever ever never ever ever never do the stuff that my mind concocts while [...]

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No. I Actually Don’t Want to Sit on Your Face.

Photo by cottonbro studio: I know it’s been an eon since I published anything. I have resolved anew to get back into the swing of things, both professionally and in my personal life. I have let so many friendships languish, and honestly, I often feel rather lonely. (Not an invitation for stalkers, please.) I have no one to blame for this but myself and my terrible streaming habit. That sounds vaguely kinky, but I mean my actual streaming habit of watching too many high-quality television programs. (Did you catch Nimona? So good!) So, today I made 3 short little teaser audios for Niteflirt that I use as bait…nom nom nom….for catching little subbies in my net before I lure them to their [...]

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Where’d You Go, Miss Vivian?

I know, boys. I have disappeared again. I do this periodically. Don’t I? It’s very bad for business. If you’re someone who pays for domination—definitely online—and probably offline too, but I don’t do that, so I can’t speak for in person dommes—there is something you should know. Paid domination is a lot of work. Yeah, yeah. I know. You’re saying, “Work? But Miss Vivian, you just lie around eating frozen grapes, and I worship you. How is that work?” It isn’t manual labor. Well, maybe in some cases. It depends how hard you hit. But it is a lot of emotional labor. It’s a lot of reading the people you talk to and catering to their fantasies, even when you don’t particularly feel [...]

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A Guide to Hands-Free Pleasure Through Pegging

When it comes to sex, there are so many ways to experience pleasure and reach orgasm. For some couples, traditional penis-in-vagina intercourse is the go-to for achieving the Big O, but for others, it’s not always the case. Pegging is an increasingly popular sexual activity that allows a woman to use a strap-on dildo to penetrate her partner’s anus, providing a different kind of pleasure and even the possibility of orgasm without penis stimulation. What is Pegging? Pegging is a sex act in which a woman penetrates her partner’s anus with a strap-on dildo. It is a popular activity among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples, as well as heterosexual couples who are looking to spice up their sex life. Pegging can be [...]

Seduction Strategies: How to Get Your Man to Suck Tranny Cock – A short story

Lara was feeling naughty and had a wicked idea. She wanted to bring something special home for her boyfriend Tom, and she had just the thing in mind. She went out and found a transvestite named Andi who was perfectly suited for the task. Andi had a body that was toned, sultry, and oozing with sex appeal. Lara was sure Tom wouldn't be able to resist. Once Andi was back at Lara's place, she began to seduce Tom with her feminine wiles. She ran her hands down his body, making sure to let her nails lightly graze his skin. She could feel the hunger radiating from him. Tom was at a crossroads. He was feeling aroused and confused, but he knew he had [...]

Pussy Pleasure: A Comprehensive Guide to Eating Pussy

Pussy pleasure is a topic that is often overlooked in the realm of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Many people, especially men, are often unaware of the pleasure that can be experienced from properly stimulating the female pussy. While male pleasure is commonly discussed in the bedroom, female pleasure often takes a back seat. This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the pleasure that can be derived from eating pussy. First and foremost, it is important to create a comfortable and accepting environment where all parties feel safe and relaxed. Before engaging in any type of sexual activity, it is important to discuss boundaries and expectations, and to ensure that both parties are comfortable with the level of stimulation and contact. [...]

Why Is Erotic Humiliation So Hot?

Who’s a Good Boy? Are You My Good Boy? You know what? I don’t totally know. I’m not a therapist, although sometimes I feel like one. But I will tell you a little secret. It’s possible that the reason I excel at dishing out verbal embarrassment, belittlement, chastisement, and occasionally downright scorn—is because I kind of like it myself. Now, this isn’t an invitation to any Domme breakers out there. I’ve only rarely attempted to allow anyone to erotically humiliate me, and it’s never gone very well. I think this is because the fantasies I have in my head (I’ll never tell), are so terrible that I’d never actually want to act them out—and my partners are too nice. Just calling me a [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Convincing Your Woman to Put You Into Permanent Male Chastity

For many men, the thought of being in permanent male chastity can be a daunting one. After all, it involves a lot of trust and surrendering of power. It’s a big commitment that your woman may not be ready to make, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can convince her to put you into permanent male chastity. This guide will provide you with the tools and tips you need to ensure that your woman is ready to take the plunge and make you her chaste partner. Be Honest and Open One of the best ways to convince your woman to put you into permanent male chastity is to be honest and open about your desires. Explain why you want [...]