I am a very submissive 28 year old boy who needs discipline, encouragement, perhaps harsh scolding/punishment at times. My life is a wreck. I'm a college drop out who declined three perfectly good jobs, and missed out on other opportunities because my ego got to me in the interview. I am nearly bankrupt due to being without [...]

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Femdom House Cleaning

Femdom House Cleaning Lets get a few things straight boy... You are here on earth for a few reasons only. The first reason is to please women. If you have a wife or girlfriend, this would be her. If you do not, then you will have to please me for the time being. The second [...]

thrilledbytease: After a long, hard day at work, you should…

thrilledbytease: After a long, hard day at work, you should help her relax and unwind by letting her lie back and close her eyes while you softly, but insistently and REPEATEDLY draw all of her tension and frustration out, replacing it with endless devotion and pleasure! Source: Adore Femdom

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