Time well spent

You know you’ve probably spent too much time hanging out on kink and fetish tumblr’s when you see an article titled – We Talked to a Professional Cuck About the ‘Alt-Right’– and your first response is ‘I bet I recognize the guy’. Sure enough, the gentleman in question is Jimmy Broadway, a familiar face to me [...]

Divine space

According to this article, the Chinese city of Shenyang has created special parking spots just for women. That’s not an entirely new idea. Some cities have dedicated spots for women with young children, or marked spots in well lit and camera covered areas for increased safety. Sadly the Shenyang spots aren’t for those practical reasons. These spots [...]

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Large cheating ladies

A new year always means one thing – a lot of ‘year in review’ and ‘top trends’ article. They’re the staple of lazy newspapers and bloggers across the world. Throw some sex into the mix and you’ve got instant clickbait. The one that caught this lazy bloggers eye was this from the Independent. According to [...]

Cuck and Bull stories

I’ll finish my cuckold sequence of posts with some man on man action. This is actually fairly rare in cuckold porn in my experience. They often do shots of the submissive’s face close to where all the action is occurring (like yesterday’s post), but avoid any explicit forced-bi. I guess they think it’ll turn some [...]

Growth industry

While I’m talking about cuckolding (as I was), I’ll make an entirely anecdotal observations: It’s a rapidly growing area of porn. Based purely on my random browsing, I seem to be seeing a lot more of it. A decade ago it was rare, but now it pops up all over the place. At least all [...]