Another Year of Full Time Chastity Ends…

Our thirteenth year of full time chastity has finally come to a close and I thought I would share with you a couple of graphs representing our relative orgasm stats. Not much point doing the other graphs this year as you know we've just had the one Femdom session and I haven't cum anywhere except on my own stomach and Mistress's hands the last two years (hopefully that will change this coming year though...). Despite our best efforts (a run of 10 in March) we just failed to get Mistress back into the hundreds, but we came very close and this marks a significant increase over last year's lowpoint. And when you consider Mistress had 98 orgasms to my 5 (full orgasms) that's still [...]

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Our First Femdom Session in nearly two years!

Hello everyone, a couple of things to talk about today, but first I notice the blog has passed the four million views mark - so thanks to all of you who keep coming back even though the last couple of years has been a continued case of 'tumbleweed'. I'm not making any promises about content improving, but I can say that at least one thing has changed today as we had our first Femdom session since June 2022.Both of us enjoyed it a lot, although it was a little bit ramshackle here and there, I forgot to put out the pegs for my nipples, and one of the ties for my leg wasn't in the right place... I was also quite nervous and [...]

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Don’t You Just LOVE January?

I'm being sarcastic of course, January sucks major ass in every possible way. But we've just gotta get on with it haven't we? After all what's the alternative, curl up in a corner until February... if only. It's a funny thing getting older, and it ain't exactly fun. I remarked to Mistress earlier today how one of the things about getting older is how easy it is to hurt yourself without even trying. I was just standing by my car the other day and my knee went too far the wrong way for no reason at all. Rather painful and so ridiculous! Also , it feels kinda like I'm reaching the age where I'm moving to a different part of my life. I recently disposed [...]

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Mistress Has a Cold…

Well this week has been a bit up and down. Unfortunately Mistress developed a cold and has been feeling pretty rotten all week. Fortunately she felt a little better on Thursday and so she enjoyed a nice orgasm, just as well as she felt worse again on Friday. Today she seems a lot better though so hopefully it's making a retreat.I've stuck extremely rigidly to my plan to not eat chocolate/cakes/crisps this week or drink alcohol (not that I drink much anyway, but it's still calories and it's easy for me to give up so I might as well do that as well). I realised that biscuits, nougat and peanut brittle don't fall into any of those categories so I guess if I [...]

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111 And Out!

Last night my beautiful Mistress finally granted me a full orgasm, bringing an end to 111 days of waiting. I always find those bigger numbers hard to put into perspective, so to better explain my previous 'full' orgasm was on the 30th of July. Which seems a hell of a long time ago to me!Not only that but Mistress allowed me to worship her gorgeous ass while she was stroking me and slapping my balls, which made it all even better. Long term readers will know how much I adore worshipping Mistress R's ass, and it made it a lot easier for me to stay hard than has often been the case recently.The last few weeks have been a bit troublesome on that [...]

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101 Not Out…

I know it's been an awfully long time since my last post, and I quite understand if you had given up on me ever posting anything again. But here I am. I can't tell you how many times I've thought about posting something over the last six months, but I knew I would promise to post more and that I would soon be posting the four stories I have on the go... but I didn't want to make any more promises that I knew I probably wouldn't be able to keep...So I kept quiet. And really I haven't been keeping up with what's been going on in the chastity/femdom blogosphere that much, the only blog I really follow these days is 'Sub Hub [...]

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Another Run of Chastity Cums to a Close

Saturday saw my latest period of chastity ended, with 66 days of cum unloaded on my beautiful Mistress's gorgeous feet. Oh yes, it's been sooooooooo long since I got to cum on Mistress's sexy feet - like September 2021 long! I could not wait after Mistress hinted she might let me cum this weekend and then asked where I would like to be allowed to cum last week...But first Mistress had a pretty explosive orgasm with my tongue on her clit and my finger teasing her ass. She came super hard, which I really loved - of course. Then she got me hard - I was a little slow, being a bit hot, but she got me there eventually and soon she was [...]

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