Some Extremely Sad News…

Very sadly, our beloved ginger cat 'Mr B' is no longer with us. He started to get ill about three months ago - constantly at his tail and out of sorts. For a short time we thought we'd beaten it with a course of antibiotics, steroids and a procedure, but the problem persisted and worsened until eventually the vet delved deeper and discovered a lump growing inside him near his tail (apparently this is a very hard place to operate on a cat as it would most likely leave him incontinent).The vet put him on an increased dose of steroids and after a couple of days there was a marked difference and Mr B seemed much less bothered by his tail. He still [...]

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No More Vouchers

Three weeks ago (wow is it that long already) Mistress surprised me with an orgasm, even though I still had an unused Valentine's Day voucher. However, that voucher was due to expire on the 14th of May, meaning I'd have a maximum of twelve days to use it. I was torn between using it straight away or waiting until the last possible minute - but then Mistress decided to extend the expiry date for another month.But then every time she teased my cock she asked me if I wanted to use it as she got me towards the edge and I got the impression that she really wanted me to use it and give her back control. So after two or three times [...]

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Literotica have decided to publish  'Jessica on Top' at the third attempt, I think it's pretty lame in comparison to the one I published here and they changed my foreword as well. Hmm... Finally...

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‘Ruined by Jessica’ is now ‘Jessica on Top’

So I have reworked my story so that Literotica can publish it... which is annoying because not only have I had to do that but I had to change the title as well because it makes no sense to keep it. So Literotica's objection to this (using their rather blunt rules) is that the problem is the lack of enjoyment for Graeme. So I guess a ruined orgasm is okay, and ball abuse is okay, but if you put them both together it's not. So now Graeme gets to enjoy his orgasm, which does alter the mood of the story a bit I feel, but at the same time it's not too drastic. It's not like 'The Vice' which was impossible to censor [...]

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Literotica Fuck Me Over Again

Well, I've just seen that Literotica have rejected my latest story because:While we do accept submissions with graphic violence, we don't accept "snuff" - i.e. death & extreme torture with the aim of sexual titillation. We generally do not accept submissions of nonconsensual sex in which the "victim" gets absolutely no sort of thrill or enjoyment from the acts, or is seriously and /or permanently physically harmed/abused.So I don't really see how I can tweak my story to make it okay for Literotica, so fuck them. It never even occurred to me that they would reject this story, it's really not that bad! No one dies or is 'tortured', nor is it non-consensual, honestly I think this is complete and utter bullshit! [...]

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Ruined by Jessica (Written April 2020)

Jessica smiled down at her husband as she rode his aching cock.“Do you want to cum inside me?” She teased.Graeme looked up at her through half-closed eyes, the absolute bliss of feeling his wife’s tight pussy engulfing his prick written all over his face.“Please…. Yes, Mistress,” he begged.She slowed down and stopped moving, but continued to gently squeeze his cock with her cunt muscles.“Do you think you can cum in five…?” “Yes Mistress, please let me cum inside your gorgeous pussy.”Jessica slowly lifted herself up until Graeme’s cock was almost all the way out and then slowly dropped down onto him until he was fully inside her again.“Feels so good doesn’t it…? Come on, let it out… I know you’re desperate to cum [...]

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My Third Valentine’s Day Voucher…

As you may or may not remember, back in February Mistress gave me three vouchers on Valentine's Day which allowed me: 1) To choose a 'fetish' outfit for Mistress to wear during a teasing session2) An extended period of foot worship3) To request an orgasm. These were dated to apply consecutively during the following three months and having already used the first two, the only one left was the one that allowed me to request an orgasm.While I appreciate the opportunity to request an orgasm, it is always quite hard to know when the best time to do it is. Part of me wants to use it as soon as possible so that I can get back to being 'controlled' properly, but then part of me [...]

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Cuckold Humiliation (Written April 2020)

I posted this to Literotica today and preceded it by saying it's just a short little story to get me back in the swing of writing again. I already have a couple of comments which I will add at the bottom of this post. It is pretty short by my standards, but I just needed to get something down and start the ball rolling and I think it came out okay...Katie watched as her husband ground his cock into her pussy over and over, gradually edging closer to the point of no return.“I hope you’re making the most of this,” she taunted. “Once I find myself a couple of regular bulls you won’t be allowed to fuck me anymore… you know that don’t [...]

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