348 Days…

That's how many days it's been since I was allowed to cum inside my beautiful Mistress's pussy, and in fact that is the new record as about an hour ago Mistress pulled me on top of her and allowed me to enter her. I don't even know the last time I got to kneel between [...]

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Intense and Incredible Ball Slapping in the Early Hours!

Last night Mistress and I went to a gig and then when we came I went to bed first and Mistress stayed up a while longer drinking Gin. When she came to bed I woke up super-hard and feeling very 'needy'. Mistress stroked my cock and started slapping my balls, which was incredible. When I [...]

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Mums Make Porn…

If you live in the UK I thoroughly recommend watching Channel 4's 'Mums Make Porn', in places this was absolutely hilarious as five 'Mums' come together to research and ultimately make their own 'porn' film. Obviously for the sake of TV, Channel 4 have pitched women with quite differing personalities and attitudes towards sex and [...]

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FEMDOM SESSION: 17th March 2019

Mistress and I are making every effort to make sure that we don’t end up skipping sessions this year, and while we had originally planned to do it next weekend out of the blue Mistress suddenly suggested bringing it forward a week. I had no reason to object and so this morning we embarked on [...]

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Cuckold/Hotwife Story Recommendations…

A reader commented how much they enjoyed the cuckold/hotwife story I recommended and asked if I could recommend any more, I answered in the comments but I know not everyone reads the comments so I thought I'd make my recommendations here as well.The two stories I've read the most are:Discovering My Nasty Wife by Tony88888https://www.literotica.com/s/discovering-my-nasty-wifeThe [...]

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Oh the Irony…

I'm back to copying out hard copy stories from way back when again, which is a little tiresome, but at least I can put them on Literotica. Some of them are a lot better than others to be honest, but I'm putting as many as I can up because although I might think some of [...]

Another Unexpected Ruin..

I wasn't expecting it, but Mistress allowed me another ruined orgasm yesterday... and even though she had to give me one more stroke to complete it, I didn't feel a bloody thing! This followed on from a huge orgasm for Mistress, and then a lovely teasing session sans cock ring. The best thing about that [...]

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Milovana Update

Oh yeah, my tease that got nominated for 'Tease of the Month for December' ended up coming second, yet again. And while I have been nominated for January again (for 'Endgame') there ain't not no way I am going to win, since I have 3 votes and the leader has 23 already!It seems everybody is [...]

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Slow and Steady, But it All Adds Up!

Tuesday rolled around again and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had lost 2lbs, making a total of 18.5lbs lost so far! :)Rather predictably I guess I chose to play with Mistress's glass dildo again, I just love siding it into Mistress's hot, wet pussy while I lick her clit and tease her [...]

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