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Growth industry

While I’m talking about cuckolding (as I was), I’ll make an entirely anecdotal observations: It’s a rapidly growing area of porn. Based purely on my random browsing, I seem to be seeing a lot more of it. A decade ago it was rare, but now it pops up all over the place. At least all [...]

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Are You Hoping For A FLR Because You Want To Be Rejected and Restricted?

I understand that the common perception of a Female Led Relationship is rooted in kink, D/s and S&M. Through Conquer Him (With Love), LovingFLR.Com and FemaleLedSociety.Org I hope to change that. A Female Led Relationship can be a relationship where the woman highly respects the man in her life, appreciates that he has wisdom and+ [...]

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Why Is Male Chastity Closely Associated With Female Led Relationships?

Before I answer this question I want to share with you why I am qualified to answer it. I am not in a Female Led Relationship at the moment and I was not in one when I created Conquer Him. I began studying Female Led Relationships objectively because I saw that people were interested in+ [...]

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Release day

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Simple truth

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Good idea

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Um… Yes!

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No regrets

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