FEMDOM SESSION: 23rd February 2020

Mistress and I have been feeling a bit fed up lately, the last three weekends have been pretty useless since the weather has been absolutely terrible throughout... we've had one storm after another, although thankfully at least we haven't had any flooding or damage to our property. Still, it's left us feeling slightly 'shut in' and we've not made the best use of the free time. But this weekend at least we got to go to London and see Baby Metal and on the same day we had our February Femdom session, which was awesome as always - I don't know if we'll have one in March, I am having my tonsils out mid-month so unless we do it early on I can't [...]

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Valentine’s Day Vouchers!

It never fails to amaze me, every year... Valentine's Day rolls around again and you casually ask what people are doing only to be told, "Oh, well, we're not very romantic - so nothing really." It's not even that people are 'taking a stand against a consumerist conspiracy', they're just not arsed... which is fine I guess, but I can't help thinking it's probably indicative of a deeper ambivalent attitude which is not necessarily a good thing if you want a long and rewarding relationship.This was Mistress and I's 28th Valentine's Day together, and it went pretty well - we had a lovely meal at home and exchanged some gifts which included some cool vouchers for me:This was a very welcome and unexpected [...]

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After much thought, I have decided to shut down this blog.  I will keep my Twitter account up and running and will continue to read and follow my favorite blogs on here. I will also keep my thechastecyclist@yahoo.com email address to carry on those friendships and conversations.  I just will not be keeping this blog active. No, nothing has happened or changed between MrsL and me.  Yes, we are still living a Devotional Sex / part time enforced chastity lifestyle.  We just spent an awesome weekend together complete with going out drinking/dancing locked in her Steelheart. The primary reason I am shutting this down is I have decided to pursue a life long goal of becoming a published author of fantasy fiction.  I [...]

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OMG! I Wasn’t Expecting That…

As long term readers will know, being allowed to cum inside my Mistress's gorgeous pussy is a rare treat these days. How rare? Well, between April 2018 and March 2019 I waited 348 days... and until today I thought that record would be broken, but surprisingly it turned out I was wrong!We've had a bit of an 'off' week this week, Mistress's last orgasm was last Sunday and since then we really haven't done anything at all. We went to a gig on Wednesday and got home pretty late so Thursday we were tired and Friday we were just plain irritable, but finally today we manged to squeeze in some play time and it was fantastic.Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue [...]

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Back in Steel

It’s been almost a month of being unlocked due to travel and then both of us being sick. Today, with our anniversary coming next week, I was ordered back in MrsL’s Steelheart! So damn happy to be locked up! We are going to celebrate this weekend at Howl at the Moon then a hotel! I hope to stay locked until I have to leave next Tuesday??? That’s when I have to get back on a plane headed to Houston. Back in Steel

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THE PEDICURE (Written February 2020)

For the past few years my Mistress has been having her beautiful feet professionally pedicured every six weeks and in recent times she has started having me give her a ‘mini-pedi’ in between her regular appointments. This basically involves soaking her feet, scrubbing them with exfoliating gel, washing them again, applying her peppermint moisturising lotion and, if necessary, repairing any minor damage to her nail varnish. Needless to say, I love doing this; her feet are very sexy and she is all too aware of how much I love them. Mistress enjoys the attention too and this ritual had been repeated without incident for some time. Until last weekend that is…We were due to go out to dinner later that evening. Mistress always [...]

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Third Weightloss Reward

When Tuesday rolled around again I was moderately happy to have lost another pound, it's not what I was hoping for but at least it's going down... and so I got to choose another toy to play with. The first week I chose the cock whip, the second week I chose the ballcrusher and this week I elected to go with the ring ended dildo. Mistress started kissing me and got me really nice and hard before introducing the dildo, which had the odd effect of completely killing my erection. I have no idea why that was... I guess usually when I have the dildo up my ass I have a cock ring on which helps avoid this scenario - anyway, after a brief [...]

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A Video for the Foot Fetishists Out There in Readerland

This video has been around for a long time, I think I added it to my Video page at least five years ago, but as it happens I can't actually find it right now. Anyway, this might even be what you might call 'Female friendly' porn since, there's no nudity in it on either side, it is literally a guy worshipping a pretty girl's feet for ten minutes... maybe if you want to introduce foot worship to your wife this video might be a good place to start? I don't know... depends on your wife I guess!--- -- --- -- --- -- ---Last night Mistress had her eleventh orgasm of the month (anything over ten is a good result) with my finger teasing [...]

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Another Comment on ‘Anna’s Cuckold’

This comment was left on Literotica today: Anonymous said: Not a bad story but way too short. I like the dynamic between hubby and wife which could have developed much further if the author had extended the chapter. So good foundations for a story. Keep going! As an aside I'm always bemused as to why people write in getting upset about cuckold stories when the title could not have been clearer. "Anna's cuckold" was probably the give away clue there. A bit like going into a "All meat burger" joint and then being stunned that they don't sell a vegan burger. This comment pretty much bears out exactly what I said in my last post about a lot of my stories seeming like [...]

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A Question I’m Sure I’ve Answered Before…

Someone left a comment asking if Mistress reads my stories. I'm sure I might have answered this question before, but if so it was probably a good long time ago so... here we go anyway. It depends which stories you mean, obviously I have written stories specifically for her and so obviously she has read those (although as I recall she didn't like the last one I wrote (Taking Ella's Ass), but still I can't get it right every time I guess!) That was the first one I ever wrote for her that she rejected, so I have a pretty good hit rate (although that was 18 months ago, but then last year I spent a lot of time reworking old stories).As for [...]

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