Survived to Fight Another Day

Hello everyone, it seems my blog was flagged and blocked yesterday but seems to have been re-instated after appeal. I don't know what all that was about, I read through the guidelines but the only thing I could see that was potentially 'in breach' was the links to videos on a 'commercial' site. Since I presumed the blog was lost I spent quite an annoying amount of time yesterday finessing my mirror blog (which hadn't been touched since 2014), if this ever happens again all you need to do is take the dash out of the web address and you will find me at This blog seems to have all the posts, right from the very start and not just the condensed version [...]

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The Heart of the Matter…

 This very simple caption really cuts to the chase and flags up the absolute bedrock of any chastity based relationship. It's also one of the hardest things to establish when starting out, because maybe even the guy that wants this lifestyle doesn't quite understand why he wants it and therefore can't put it into words that are easy to understand.  The Heart of the Matter...

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The Male Chastity Lifestyle

It all starts with the fantasy. Male chastity is a powerful sexual fantasy for many men and fewer females…that’s usually usually because it’s a fantasy they can’t really understand So it usually begins and grows inside the head of the male. And that’s how it typically stays…. as a nice little fantasy which he keeps to himself. Men initially make The post The Male Chastity Lifestyle first appeared on Male Chastity Blog. The Male Chastity Lifestyle

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FEMDOM SESSION: 5th June 2022

As you may remember, we missed out our 'Monthly' Femdom Sessions in February and March sessions but got there in April, determined to hit every month in this Femdom year. Well... unfortunately May's session effectively happened today but we are hopeful that our June session will take place before the end of the month and that will get us back on track.In truth today could have gone out of the window too... having slept in way too long I was very stiff and then when lifting the mattress to change the sheets I got a really nasty twinge in my lower back. I seriously considered throwing in the towel, but instead I chucked some pills down my neck and had a warm shower, [...]

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A Reader Asks a Great Question!

A reader left a comment on the last post, and I though it deserved it's own post in reply.Anonymous: If the roles were reversed and Mistress was your slave, what would be the first rule you would make?Oh what an enviable position to be in that would be! But actually, I can answer this very easily, my first rule would be that I get to eat her pussy and ass whenever I want, day or night. Honestly I think she would be surprised when and how often I would enforce this rule... :) A Reader Asks a Great Question!

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Please Slap My Balls Mistress…

Last night, after Mistress had cum on my tongue and she had edged me, I was still rock hard as we kissed... Her fingers pulled at my left nipple then slid down to my aching cock, ready to tease it some more with the lightest of touches. I tensed as I felt her fingertips brushing gently against my cock and whispered into her ear."Please slap my balls Mistress."Mistress drew her hand back and slapped my balls hard, then again and again, each slap echoing around the room. She must have slapped me eight or ten times, and it felt amazing. I love it when Mistress hurts my balls like that, but I have to be really turned on to enjoy it. If my cock hadn't [...]

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Changing Zones – Chastity and Anal Training for Couples

In this training material, you will learn everything you need to have an incredibly fulfilling relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom.    This training is for men and women, but most of the references is speaking to the woman.  It is highly likely that your man is already into this and wanting this life with you.  This training here, will show you the benefits for you, and that this is not just a way to spice up your sex life, but to enhance every aspect of your relationship tremendously using Mother Nature bio-hacks in the way human bodies were designed.  What I am going to show you is tried, proven, tested and true and millions of people behind closed doors live [...]

An Anniversary and Special Voucher

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of Mistress and I's very first date! Yes, way back in 1992 we met (not for the first time exactly, but the first time as potential partners) at a club and arranged to meet the next day. From then on we've been pretty much inseparable, in fact I don't think we've spent more than 10 nights apart in the last thirty years. Honestly, yes, we are those annoying people who go places and then only talk to each other, like weddings. In fact one wedding we went to the bride actually said she put us on the end of the table because we'd only talk to each other anyway!Fair enough!To celebrate this momentous occasion Mistress presented me with [...]

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Femdom in Central Florida…

 I'm probably incredibly late to this particular discussion, but Mistress R and I have just got to episode four of 'On Becoming a God in Central Florida' (2019) starring Kirsten Dunst and the ending of that particular episode was more than a little unexpected. It's not often we see anything remotely 'Femdom' on mainstream television (or maybe I'm just watching the wrong programmes?) so this was quite a surprise, but a welcome one and I have to say remarkably well acted.The show is quite strange all round, almost a little bit David Lynchesque (Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, etc) and not least for me because the last time I saw Kirsten Dunst in a film she was a teenage cheerleader. Not any more...In this show [...]

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FEMDOM SESSION: 15th April 2022

As you will have seen from the previous post, Mistress and I managed 8 out of the 12 planned Femdom Sessions in the last Chastity Year (Apr 1 - Mar 31), which was our best since 2015/2016! However, we faltered at the last and actually missed out both February and March... which meant that this session was the first one since the 30th of January. Maybe we should aim for every three weeks instead of every month, then we would maybe manage 12 out of 17? It's certainly worth considering...Before I recount this session, I just noticed that someone left a comment on our Novermber session post..."I hope Mitsress starts fucking your ass regularly and makes all your orgasms anal-only. Then you will know [...]

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