Another Run of Chastity Cums to a Close

Saturday saw my latest period of chastity ended, with 66 days of cum unloaded on my beautiful Mistress's gorgeous feet. Oh yes, it's been sooooooooo long since I got to cum on Mistress's sexy feet - like September 2021 long! I could not wait after Mistress hinted she might let me cum this weekend and then asked where I would like to be allowed to cum last week...But first Mistress had a pretty explosive orgasm with my tongue on her clit and my finger teasing her ass. She came super hard, which I really loved - of course. Then she got me hard - I was a little slow, being a bit hot, but she got me there eventually and soon she was [...]

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More Awesome Ass Worship and Another New Trick!

Mistress and I had a great day out yesterday, although it was a little warm for our liking - especially by the lake/gardens we were visiting. On the way home Mistress said she hoped I wouldn't be too tired to worship her pussy later... at that moment I was pretty tired and the sun was beating in through the car window onto my arm, but needless to say after a shower I felt a LOT better and I soon found myself in my 'happy place', between Mistress' gorgeous thighs.Mistress came very hard and after I had thoroughly worshipped her beautiful feet, all the time hoping that I might be allowed to lick my cum off them in the not too distant future, Mistress [...]

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Wonderful ass worship!

Today, for the first time in a very long time, Mistress allowed me to worship her gorgeous asshole while she stroked my aching cock (43 days since my last orgasm). It was so good, but as you can probably imagine, it didn't take long for me to edge so it didn't continue as long as I would have loved it to. Still... this feels like a major turning point for us and I am so happy that Mistress's condition has improved such that she feels able to crouch over my face without causing herself pain. Let's hope this continues and maybe in the nearish future we can consider returning to our Femdom sessions, that would be so good for us both.  Wonderful [...]

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We Made it Through Another Year of Chastity

I know some of you might be waiting on the traditional 'end of year' review/charts etc... but to be honest I don't really see any worth in doing that this year. Unfortunately we only managed two Femdom Sessions before Mistress's health issue really started to become a problem but, on the positive side, we still managed to get to 80 orgasms this year, and while that is by far the least of any year since the blog began it still represents a ratio of (exactly) 10:1. For those of you who have read the blog for a long time, 10:1 was always kind of a perfect minimum ratio in my head, so I'm glad we didn't fall below that. Obviously therefore I had 8 [...]

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Teased and Drained…

Tonight another period of chastity came to a close after a period of 66 days, when Mistress stroked me to my eighth (and presumably last) full orgasm of this chastity year. Yes, it's only a few days until our 12th year of full time chastity comes to a close, hard to believe I was barely into my 40s when I gave up control of my orgasms and here we are still 'doing it'...I wonder how many of you out there have been reading since the start? It seems a long time ago now, well I suppose it was a long time ago... things have ebbed and flowed through the years, and I'm sure they will continue to do so. A few days ago Mistress was [...]

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Chastity Hypnosis – Exploring the Transformative Effects

Are you looking for a way to gain control over your sexual desires and impulses? Chastity hypnosis may be the answer. Chastity hypnosis is a form of hypnotherapy that helps people to maintain sexual self-control and resist temptations. It can be used to treat a variety of issues, including impotence, premature ejaculation, and low libido. Through hypnosis, people can gain control over their sexual urges and desires and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. When it comes to sexual self-control, the power of the mind can be a powerful tool. Chastity hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind to help people gain control over their sexual impulses. The hypnotherapist will use relaxation techniques to induce a trance-like state and then focus on the person’s goals [...]

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Taming the Beast Within: The Benefits of Male Chastity and Milking for Men

For centuries, men have been seen as the domineering gender, the head of the household, and the one with the most control over their own lives. But what if men were to be given a taste of their own medicine? What if men were to be chastised by their wives and only allowed to cum once per month, and when they did, it was through being pegged? This is not a suggestion to be taken lightly, as it could have far-reaching consequences. On the one hand, it could lead to a more equitable relationship between men and women, and could even help to correct the gender imbalance which still exists in many parts of the world. On the other hand, it could also [...]