Orgasms as Discipline

So, a funny thing happened the last night in Las Vegas and continues through the writing of this post.  The irony is that someone retweeted this LINK today and while I was reading the article I am now curious…but I really know the answer is no…does MrsL have a Tumblr account and is following that [...]

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It’s Her Birthday…

…so she does what she wants! This happened when we got back to the room after a couple of hours gambling. She asked if I knew the odds on receiving an orgasm…? I can tell you this…the HOUSE won! So, why am I out of her Steelheart? She told me this morning that while she [...]

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My Inner Geek

Sitting here locked in MrsL’ Steelheart watching her sleep is so beautifully erotic, sexy, and just downright fun. However, it also gives me a chance to get caught up on some email. If I haven’t mentioned it here before, I am a HUGE Fantasy Fiction fan. I’ve been reading FF since I was old enough [...]

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Viva Las Vegas

I brought MrsL to Vegas to see one of her teen heartthrobs, Donny Osmond, for her birthday. Due to travel and mild abrasion, I have been out of the Steelheart for almost a month. When we finally got to our room at 12:30 last night (another post for another day), I waalked right in and [...]

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You’re So Attractive 

Hey, beautiful people. Let’s talk about attraction. Dating can be difficult territory to navigate, sometimes. It’s tough to find a partner who is devoted to God, intelligent, driven, and family-oriented. Throw a little something called “chemistry,” or romance, into the mix, and the whole process becomes as tricky as a chem lab experiment. I think [...]

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