Kinky Pigment

The two drawings below are by the artist Kinky Pigment or Knky Pgmnt (as the signature has it). You can see more on their tumblr here. I only discovered this work recently, but I’m glad I did. The style and focus is interesting. I hesitate to say realistic, because some of the other drawings are [...]

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Tips for the talented

Adult content on the internet is in kind of an odd space right now, at least from an economic perspective. At one extreme there’s a handful of premium content creators (like Kink, Femme Fatale Films, Femdom Empire, etc.) and at the other extreme there are countless free sites (blogs, tumblrs, instagrams, etc.), often packed with [...]

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Mister Elastic

Two things struck me when I spotted this image by Storax. Firstly, it’s obviously inspired by Rodzo. Secondly, bodies really don’t typically bend like that (outside of comics). The same thing could be said for a lot of Rodzo artwork, but it’s somehow more obvious when rendered more realistically. Of course, one should never let [...]

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Ladykiller in a bind

Fans of dating sims, visual novels and kinky consensual lesbian sex might want to check out a new game called Ladykiller in a bind. Or, to use it’s full and very descriptive title – My Twin Brother Made Me Crossdress As Him And Now I Have To Deal With A Geeky Stalker And A Domme [...]

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The Secret Lives of Sissies

Vice has an interesting article posted entitled ‘I Cross-Dress. Do You Still Love Me?’: The Secret Lives of Sissies. It’s a pretty sympathetic piece, featuring interviews and photographs of men at a San Francisco play party arranged by Mistress Alice. The kink itself is a complicated one. Although it’s not a kink I indulge in, [...]

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One of the weirder elements – of what has been a seriously weird year of politics – has been the rise of the term ‘cuck’ or ‘cuckservative‘. As this GQ article explains, it’s an insult used within the right to suggest someone is weak and reluctant to take a firm conservative stance. The derivation is [...]

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Hot butt sex

This is artwork by Edda (aka apfelgranate. on tumblr) based on the Ace Attorney series of games from Capcom. There’s a lovely sense of physicality and sensuality to it. Not to mention the realistic but unusual presence of in shot towels and lube. Source:

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Shit or get off my face

This paper mag article on the NYC BDSM scene is pretty short and light on detail. However, I have to salute the writer for its opening line – ‘Shit or get off my face’. That’s memorable. It’s a phrase that provokes an initial ‘huh?’, until you realize the writer is a dominatrix. Then it generates [...]

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Oddly popular femdom topics

I often do image searches on particular femdom themes, and I’m frequently surprised what topics turn out to be popular. Last month for example, I was looking for some witch themed femdom, and failing to find much of interest. I’d have thought those two were a natural fit. I also recently spent some time looking [...]

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Fussy tea drinker

Some people can be very particular about how their tea is made. This woman would appear to be one of them. As the old saying goes: If at first you don’t succeed, have the results poured over your head by an annoyed lady, and then try try and try again. You can see some more [...]

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