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Whether you are a male or a female in a marriage our training will transform your marriage.

If you are a man:

  • be happier when you are submissive
  • have a more fulfilling relationship
  • enjoy more kinkier submissive sex with your partner
  • enjoy catering to your partner
  • increase your desire to be submissive
  • learn to serve your partner in the manner in which she deserves
  • and much, much more.

If you are a woman:

  • you will learn to be more dominant with your husband
  • you will expect him to do more, and he will
  • your sexual satisfaction will become first
  • he will dote on you hand over foot
  • you will feel more confident
  • you will take charge of your life, and your man

Sneak Peak At The 90 Day Husband Training Program

If you are a woman reading this page this program will show you how to train your husband to be more attentive, participate more in chores (or take over completely), be better in bed, and an have an all around serving attitude to you as his first priority.  If you are a man, this program will show you how to have a better life with your partner, and the most fulfilling sex life you could ever imagine.

Step 1 – The Checklist

download (1)

Download our printable checklist of activities to establish boundaries, limits for both the dominant and submissive.  This is a fundamental tool to establish boundaries, that later with proper training can be pushed farther and farther with the dominant.  It is important though for the dominant to respect hard limits and we don’t encourage anything other than that, although in the last step we do push the envelope a bit.

Step 2 – The Tools


Although some of these items are not necessary, it would be a good idea to gather a list of training items.  Spanking instruments, male chastity device, anal plugs are just a few examples.  Here is a full list of useful training items:

Step 3 – Conditioning

brainAlthough you can move forward with the 12 week training program below, I would highly suggest hypnosis throughout the program.  We have hypnosis files to “BREAK” your man into your submissive pet, and we have hypnosis files that will increase your dominance over him in a way that is exciting and liberating for the both of you.  We have gold membership that include ALL of our hynosis files for both men and women, and we even offer personal conditioning based on a questionnaire that you or your husband fills out.


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