Warning:  Proceed only if you want to.  This is optional and should only be done if you understand fully the implications of these actions.

If you have found this series for the first time.  Stop reading and begin here.

If you have completed all the prior steps then resume reading here.

Proceed with this step with caution.  Beware:  If you lose respect for your man at this point, turn away from this page, do not attempt this.  If you are a mature enough woman to get turned on by your control in turning your man into a sissy maid, then continue on.  If you man has a hard limit and will not do this, I would suggest backing off, and working on this for several months by introducing panties first, then stockings, etc, etc.

EXTRA CAUTION:  There are women that will ABUSE this power, and there are women that will use this power.  Abuse of this power could end your relationship.  Using this power could intensify it beyond belief.  It is a delicate balance, and we encourage you not to do anything on this page without truly understanding this and by respecting hard limits of your man.  Limits are meant to be pushed, but some lines you definitely do not want to cross.  Listen to your man on what these limits are, and take him to the edge of them, without crossing.

Having said, that, if you still want to resume, read on but the one last thing you need to make the below information able to work, is for your man to have not cum in 2 weeks.  This will make him more agreeable to just about anything you say. [Content protected for Husband Training members only]