Free 90 Day Sissy Training Program

Whether you are a single male or you are in a relationship, my free sissy training will teach you on how to be a good sissy and learn to dress, walk, act, suck, and fuck like a good little sissy princess. There is also complete training materials and steps for the dominant woman training her husband to be her sissy husband. You can take this program as a sissy, or as a woman training her sissy.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to exclusive FREE sissy femdom hypnosis and training materials, and ongoing sissy training that will TRANSFORM your life.

Men Will:

  • be completely transformed in 90 days
  • crave sissy activities with your partner
  • enjoy more sissy sex!
  • crave sucking strapon OR real cock
  • enjoy being feminine with your partner
  • learn to love anal penetration as your main sexual stimuli
  • be a better behaved male when you have to be in that role
  • learn to accept your sissy desires
  • manifest your perfect sissy life on your terms

Women Will:

  • learn how to take their men down the sissy rabbit hole
  • gain complete obedience through her dominant sissy training materials
  • be free from domestic chores if you want
  • feel more in control of your life than ever before
  • have more passionate sex, devotion, and love from their sissy
  • enjoy more leisure time as her sissy becomes more domesticated
  • live the life of her dreams

Sneak Peak Of 90 Day Sissy Training Program

Follow our free 90 day sissy training program to be the best sissy you can be.  If you upgrade to gold membership, you will unlock the locked sissy training files.  If you do not, you will have to get by on the closest themed free file we have for the specific theme of your weekly training.  The files will automatically unlock when you upgrade your membership and be available on your weekly training pages, and below in the general training files for sissies.  I would suggest listening to the themed files according to the weekly training for maximum effectiveness.

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