If you are registered on our site and you are trying to login and you get a message saying “account not active”, this is a message that your account has been suspended due to a skipped payment from paypal.  In order to activate your account, you must login to your paypal account and find out the amount of the missed payment(s) and pay that amount on the below link in US DOLLARS.

Then  forward that paypal receipt here and include your username.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If your question is not answered in the below questions, please contact us here with any support questions.

Account Support


To cancel your account, you must be logged in. When you are logged in, you visit this page and scroll to the very bottom and click on close my account. Please understand that closing your account does not remove you from our mailing list. To remove yourself from our mailing list, please see unsubscribe from newsletter in our account section of our support page.

All email correspondence from our newsletter system will come with an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email in order to stay compliant with Email laws in North America.

The only emails you will ever see that come from us without an unsubscribe link is one that we have personally replied to you from a support request on your behalf.

Please do not contact support to unsubscribe from our newsletter. You are able to do it anytime from the emails our newsletter sends.

You simply visit and write your post.  It will be held in moderation until we approve it.  Spammy posts will not get published.  Topics not related to femdom will not get published.  Posts with pictures have a higher chance of getting published if it is related to femdom activities.

Website Support.


If you are unable to login, but remember your username or email address click on the forgot password below the login field and enter your username or password, and it will send you a reset password link.

If it says the username or email cannot be found, you may have accidentally deleted your membership on the account page inside the members area.  In this case, signup again, and you will regain full access.  If you are a gold member and cannot sign in, please try above steps, and if you still cannot access, then contact us here.

Once you have upgraded, when you login your downloads can be found on the member download page here:

You can find this link from the top drop down menu under Member/Member Links.

Be sure to enter your email information there to get complimentary free training to accompany your free files, and also some bonuses.

Use the forgot password below the login form on any of the pages you are trying to login from.  A password reset link will be sent to you shortly after you enter your CORRECT email address you used to signup on our site.

Sometimes emails get blocked by overzealous spam filters or at the isp level.  The best thing to do is to add as a contact to your contact list, and mark emails as important from this address.  It won’t help if your isp has blocked us, but it will help if it is your mail client.  ISP level blocking is usually resolved in a few days as we monitor blacklists regularly.  We do not send unsolicited emails, and unless an email is a direct reply to a support request, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email, that when you click on it, you can instantly remove yourself from ALL email lists you are on with our website.

On iphone or android phones, the best way is to click on the download link and hold it down. An option will appear to download the file directly. Once it is downloaded you will find it in wherever your default download directory is. Please consult your smartphone make and model for further instructions. We will not answer support enquiries for each specific smartphone.

When you login, you are often given an offer with a time limit to respond. Some people get stuck here not knowing what to do. All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on next, or no thanks. It will take you to the main members area.

For any other problems, if you don’t see an answer in this section of our FAQs please contact us to tell us what problem you are having.

These type of purchases on our site are combined in a zip file.  You will need a zip extractor for the device you are using to open and get the 2 mp3 files inside the zipped file.  Iphone, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux all have these programs available.
If you purchased files separately they will not be found on your members download page. They will be found immediately after your purchase on your order history page found here.

Once you are there you can search by your order number if you have multiple orders, or you can click on the alphanumeric letters and numbers to retrieve your download(s)



Some of our upgrades require manual intervention. If you made a purchase for an upgraded membership and it does not show on the members download page, then we are awaiting your username that you should have been redirected too right after your purchase. If you do not see your membership upgraded on this page then please forward your paypal receipt with your username to

There are two ways.  The simplest easiest way is to login to your paypal account you used to create the subscription.  If you did not have a paypal account when you subscribed, you created one when you did.  Check your emails for messages from paypal to learn more about logging into paypal.  Once you are logged, click on activity.  Then find the payment that was related to your membership here.  Click on details.  On this page you will see manage recurring payments.  Click on that.  Cancel your payment to us.

Before you use the second method, understand that there could be delays in cancelling your payment.  We need complete information to cancel your payment including, paypal email address, username, and date of last successful payment.  If you have these things, you can contact us here. and include this information in your email.

If you are unhappy with a premium file, membership, or anything other than a custom made for you hypnosis file, you simply need to contact us to get it. Keep in mind if you ask for a refund, your membership with us will be terminated and your ip will be blocked from returning to our site forever. If this is ok, then contact us here, and use the subject: Refund and be sure to include your username and your paypal email address. Failure to do so will cause delays in your refund.

Some of our memberships require that you have a verified paypal account with a linked bank account and credit card. Complete the processes that paypal requires from you to have a verified account. This is sometimes very critical in recurring charge membership like our gold membership monthly or annually.

If you have tried everything and cannot upgrade, contact support here and include your username, and which membership you are trying to upgrade on. We will try and provide alternative solutions for you to upgrade.

Our payment processor takes credit cards if you do not have a paypal account.  On the payment page, there is a link that says, Do not have a payal account?  Pay with credit or debit card here.  Click on that link and you will be able to pay with almost all accepted credit cards.

If this does not work with you, it is likely paypal does not allow that where you live. If this is the case and you do have a credit card that you wish to upgrade a membership for, contact us here and let us know what membership you are trying to upgrade to.

Report Bugs.

If you notice any strange irregularity while navigating our site, please report them.   Our site is under CONSTANT development and from time to time bugs DO EXIST in our system.  Please try and be as detailed in explaining where you were (include website url), what you were trying to do, and what oddity occurred.  Your cooperation in reporting bugs is appreciated and it allows us to correct problems faster as they arise.

To report a bug contact us here.