Suspension ropework

A final rope themed post (for the moment). This time it’s suspension bondage. Although I really like this image for the pinched nipple, the pulled hair and the look they’re exchanging. Suspension bondage is tricky enough to often be a scene all of it’s own, but here it seems to be being used as just [...]

Shibari Suspension

This lovely suspension scene is from woodenpunk, rigged by EbiMcKnotty and photographed by Bendy_Dude. It’s probably an odd thing to pick up on, but I also like the color of their rope. I’ve no idea where they sourced this particular one from, but for anyone interested in well made and nicely colored rope, I suggest [...]

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Conservation of sexy

I don’t spend a lot of time looking at my blog visitor statistics. I used to check them religiously when I started blogging, but now I just check occasionally to make sure nothing weird is going on. I glanced at them today and was amused to spot the change in traffic over the holiday period. [...]

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