Forceful ropework

Continuing on from the last post, this is another F/m rope bondage scene, but has a very different dynamic. This is less about tender and more about control and pain. It’s still sexy as hell though. I think it’s the hand to the back of the neck that does it for me. She doesn’t just want him tied up, she wants him exactly in the position she demands. I found this on the ‘Please Take My Control’ tumblr. I’m afraid I haven’t managed to track down an original attribution. If anyone can help with that then please leave a comment. Source:

Tender ropework

Something beautiful and simple for the weekend. This doesn’t really need any additional comment from me. You can see the original (in full size) along with others images shot in the sequence here. Rigged by Misungui. Model is Faun Sencible. pPhotographed by Ombilik. Source:

Cuck and Bull stories

I’ll finish my cuckold sequence of posts with some man on man action. This is actually fairly rare in cuckold porn in my experience. They often do shots of the submissive’s face close to where all the action is occurring (like yesterday’s post), but avoid any explicit forced-bi. I guess they think it’ll turn some guys off and limit their potential market. It’ll be interesting to see if that approach changes over time. Certainly the prevalence of forced-bi in erotic cuckold stories seems far higher than it does in movies, which indicates some potential demand for it. Of course there are always exceptions. The Subby Hubby site seems to do more cuck on bull action than most, so might be worth checking out [...]

Double cuckold

I really could spend the next week or two posting amusing cuckold porn pictures. For the sake of the sanity of my readers, I’ll try to limit it to just a post or two. This one is the rarely spotted double cuckold shot. There’s the standard hot lady with lots of makeup, the sad guy in badly fitting lingerie and the disembodied big black penis. However, as an added bonus, there’s a crazy wild eyed guy who staring at the camera while having his face mashed into her bottom. It’s really three classic expressions. There’s the porny come hither look, the sad panda look and then there’s the guy channeling the spirit of Igor/Eyegor from Young Frankenstein. At least they’re playing tribute to [...]

Growth industry

While I’m talking about cuckolding (as I was), I’ll make an entirely anecdotal observations: It’s a rapidly growing area of porn. Based purely on my random browsing, I seem to be seeing a lot more of it. A decade ago it was rare, but now it pops up all over the place. At least all over the places I frequent, which are, admittedly, not your usual kind of places. In many ways it seems the easiest kind of kinky porn to shoot. You don’t expensive outfits, specialist riggers, a dungeon full of toys or a submissive who can take a beating. It’s just a regular porn threesome, except with one of the participants pulling a funny expression and looking aghast at what’s going [...]

Feel the burn

I noticed that I’d inadvertently published two consecutive posts featuring fire. That wasn’t intended, but given that I have a strange compulsion to post in trios, here’s a third on the subject on flames and heat. This image caught my eye purely for the look on his face. It makes me yearn to feel like that. He looks lost in the moment. You can see another shot from the same scene here. This is from a Divine Bitches shoot featuring Bobbi Starr and Trent Diesel. I originally found it via this post on Femdom Times. Source:

Fire and water

I’ve been avoiding watching the Olympics. Partly because most of the sports aren’t interesting to me, partly because the IOC is the only organization that can give FIFA a run for its money in terms of sleaze and mismanagement. From drug testing, through the choice of host venue, to the ridiculous lengths they go to in order to protect their trademark and sponsors, they pretty much manage to suck all the joy out of the competition for me. The only thing that can draw my attention back is the occasional athlete who clearly stands head and shoulders above the competition. These are the rare and freakishly talented individuals who inspire awe. I’m thinking about people like Usain Bolt, Carl Lewis, Emil Zatopek, Steve [...]

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Kicking ass in the CIA

I’ve just been re-watching the Jason Bourne trilogy. It’s not a particularly subtle or intellectual series, but it is fun to watch late at night over a drink or two. Personally I prefer the directing of Doug Liman (who did the first Bourne Identity) rather than Paul Greengrass (who did the two sequels). Liman’s style is less frenetic and more traditional than the jerky and over the top Greengrass. That said, the two sequels have one big advantage – Joan Allen. She plays the hard as nails CIA agent who struts through the films, barking orders, facing down her superiors and figuring out what’s really going on. The movies are escapist nonsense of the James Bond variety, but it’s nice to see a [...]

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Management training

This image made me laugh. It’s so bizzare, and yet it kind of works. The blond ladies gesturing and the stare of the group – either down at him or up at her – seems to fit so well. I imagined it at as this weirdest management training course ever. They’re about to break into different groups and use the flip charts to brainstorm the pros and cons of having a toilet slave in an open plan office culture. Of course it’s a Photoshop fake. You can see the original here, which is from the Red Hook Community Justice center. They help out NYC communities and court system, and definitely do not pee into the mouths of naked slaves. I congratulate them on [...]

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This little piggy got stabbed with a wooden skewer

Apologies for the lack of posts in recent days. I’m having to deal with some job related bullshit that’s stressing me out and sucking up a bunch of my time. Pacing around my apartment cursing the name of some asshole from work is not a good mindset for sex blogging. This post is actually a bit of a cheat, as I’m stealing from a recent Bondage Blog post. I liked it for the smile on the dommes face in the first image and the fact it features one of the rarer forms of sadistic play. Foot worship is a common enough femdom theme, but foot torture doesn’t seem to push as many buttons with people. Personally I have a love/hate relationship with this [...]